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The wiper motor is under the cowl where the wipers are. I is in its own little hole just above the master cylinder. Once you remove the wiper arms and pop off the cowl you will see it under there. I have a 95 and just did mine and it used 10 mm sockets. Good luck, kinda tricky to put it back in.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-08 21:29:54
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Q: Need to know how to change wiper motor in 97 camaro when wiper off they stay straight up on window?
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Is window motor or lift motor going out on 1992 Camaro when window starts to go down but stops and won't move?

bad power window motor

How many volts are window motor 2002 Camaro?

12 volts

Can you put a Camaro 350 into a Camaro with a V6?

sure if you change the motor mounts.

How do you install a 92 camaro window motor?

Are the passenger and driver side window motor the same in a 98 camaro?


94 Camaro Driver window move little then stops Wait 10 min then moves Again Any suguestions?

change the window motor as it's getting hot and shutting down.

Where is a window regulator located on a 1995 camaro?

they are in the doors. the regulator is what makes it go up and down and is attached to the window motor.

How to change window motor on a 1997 camaro?

Pull off door panel. Roll window half way down. Un-bolt window. There should be four bolts on the door panel that hold the motor. Take the arm off the left on driver side or right on passenger. Then motor should just slide out of the hole.

How do you change blower motor?

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Why does both windows not work 1997 camaro?

you need to check the switches first. if not that, it is the power window motor .

What could cause the window in a 1995 camaro to not work?

check the following; fuses, relays, regulator, window motor, off track, window switch. did not specify if it was manual or electric.

How do you change the power window motor on the 1993 aerostar?

how do you change a window motor on a 93 aerostar or can you please tell me how to get the windows down without the motor... my e-mail is

How do i change an electric window motor on my 97 camaro?

Take it to a dealer. You will have to drill and replace rivets and the spring power of the lift mechanism can cause injury and problems. This is not a job for an amateur mechanic.

Troubleshoot window motor on Chevy Camaro rs 3.4l 1995 switch or motor when the window goes up and down in little bits over time if you fiddle with switch sooo new motor or new switch toggle?

9 outta 10 times it will be a bad power window motor. I rarely see the window switch go bad.

Do you have to drop the motor on a 1995 camaro to change the head gasket?

you don't have to but it is tight in there.

How do you change the window regulator on 1996 camaro?

you have to drilll out the rivets there should be 3 of them then pull the old motor and regulator out replace it and use either self tapping screws or new rivets to secure it

How do you get at the window motor in a 95 Camaro right side door after removing the panel There is an inner metal panel in the way?

You have to drill out the rivets in that panel to take out the motor

Do you have to change the motor mounts on a 1993 V6 camaro to put a 5.7 V8 in?

Yes you will need V8 motor mounts.

How do you change a 2002 Honda civic window lift motor?

Remove the inside door panel. Remove the wiring harness from the window motor. Remove the track linkage. Remove the window motor retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new window motor.

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you dont

Will a 454 Chevy motor fit in a 1967 1st generation camaro?

Yes, you have to change the Motor Mounts and get the correct headers but it will fit.