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2006-08-30 23:24:23
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How can you tell if thermostat is working properly?

It will keep the temperature within pre-set limits if working properly.

Why does the water in your 1994 Chevy pickup only go up to 130 degrees when you have a 195 degree thermostat in it?

Either the thermostat is not working properly or the temperature sensor is displaying wrong on your gauge.

Temperature gauge fluctuates?

Low Coolant? Weak Temerature sensor? Weak gauge Gauge working properly and recording the thermostat opening and closing as engine temperature fluctuates

Why is the heat not working in Saturn sl2?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged? Heater core airbound? Temperature control cable not adjusted properly?

What temperature does the thermostat begin to open and what temperature is the thermostat fully open?

It depends on what type of car you are working on. all cares have different temperature thermostats. A very common temperature is 195 degrees

Your car is overheating but its not your thermostat or radiator?

Check the fan clutch, it may not be working properly.

How do you calibrate the thermostat on the wall not on the heater itself for in wall forced air heaters?

If a thermostat is not working properly, you cannot calibrate it. It must be replaced.

Is my Home Heat Pump thermostat working?

A person can tell if their home heat pump thermostat is working by setting the temperature a few degrees above or below ambient to see if it kicks on. A thermometer can be used to verify the temperature.

Does the thermostat affect gas mileage?

Yes. Your engine will get the best mileage at full operating temperature. If the thermostat is removed or not working properly causing the engine to become too hot or not hot enough it will affect the operating efficiency or your engine which will decrease your gas mileage.

Why is your car temperature Rising while at an idle and then goes down when you are moving?

When your car is at idle there is no air flow to cool the radiator, but when your car moves the air flow through the radiator cools it down. I would suspect the radiator fan is not coming on when it should. If the fan is working properly the engine temperature should stay fairly constant assuming the thermostat is also working properly.

What is the working temperature of automobile engine?

depends on the thermostat. Typically 195 degrees Fahrenheit

Why is there no hot water from my hot water tank?

Is it switched on? is the filter clean? is the element and thermostat working properly?

Cooling fan does not turn off?

A thermostat not working properly could be blocked with semi-solid coolant.

Why would a Honda civic ex 95 overheat if you replaced the thermostat?

because the water pump is not working properly....

Why is the heater in my 1999 ford explorer blowing cool air?

Low coolant? bad thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound? Temperature control not working properly? Water pump not circulating coolant?

96 Ford Taurus is overheating and heater does not work?

Check the coolant in the 96 Taurus. Check to insure that the thermostat is working properly, and that the water pump is working.

What happens when the thermostat blocks the flow of coolant into the engine?

Then coolant doesn't flow through the engine block, and your motor is allowed to build up heat. If your thermostat works properly, it'll open up when the specified temperature is set, and coolant will flow in. If it's not working properly, then the heat will continue to build until you either shut off your motor or you blow a head gasket.

Your 1997 Chevrolet Camero is overheating?

possible plugged radiator, sticking thermostat, rad fan not working, temperature sensor not working, low coolant level. that's just a starting point. possible plugged radiator, sticking thermostat, rad fan not working, temperature sensor not working, low coolant level. that's just a starting point.

Your ac is not working2000 chev venture does this mean you need a new thermostat?

No. If the A/C is not working there is a problem related to the A/C system. A thermostat is in the cooling system and if its not working properly the vehicle can overheat or not get warm enough to give you heat inside the vehicle.

How do you know if your 95 geo prizm needs a thermostat change?

Thermostat can stick open or closed. If sticks open, car will take longer to warm up because coolant is constantly flowing thru engine. If thermostat is stuck closed, engine will eventually overheat. In order for all emission systems to work properly, thermostat needs to be working. For 1995 GEO Prizm, if thermostat is working correctly, car should maintain proper operating temperature after is warmed up. If any doubt about thermostat, changev it every few years as is inexpensive and easy to replace.

GMC Jimmy heater not working?

Low coolant? Bad thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound? Temperature control cable not working?

Why does my dodger grand caravan's heater take too long to heat up?

either the thermostat is not working properly or you have air in the system

Heater doesn't work 92 olds?

Blower motor working? Check coolant level System airbound? Bad thermostat? Control cable not adjusted or working properly? Selector switch not working?

How do you check if the engine thermostat is functioning?

If a thermostat is working, it should open at a specific temperature, which varies depending on the thermostat. Common temps are 195, 180 and 160. To check the thermostat, removed it from the engine, and place it in a pan of water with a thermometer. Heat the water to boiling and watch the thermostat. It should open before the water boils. Check the temperature at which it opens completely and see if that is satisfactory. Anotehr WA is to start the eingine and let it idle. Obviously, if the engine overheats there is a problem. It could be a thermostat that is stuck closed or something else. If the engine does not warm up, or does not maintain a good operating temperature, then the thermostat is stuck open. If after ten minutes or so, the upper radiator hose is hot to the touch, then the thermostat is probably working properly. Personally, I just change mine if there is any question if it is good or not. They are cheap. I often replace mine when I flush the cooling system, just like I change my cap and rotor every year.

Coolant temp sensor short form?

It tells the computer what the temperature of the engine coolant aid in fuel trim calculations, cold starts, and if the thermostat is working properly. It may also be used by other systems, like heating and air conditioning.