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HI there if you haven't had a period or should I say periods then I think you should go take a pregnancy test and find out. Some girls who miss there periods its because irregular periods cause it or diet,age and stress if the pregnancy test comes up negative then your not pregnant and it could be a other serious problem I think you should go to the doctors and let him/her investigate why this has happened it better to be save than sorry. Light brown discharge could be Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy/ left over period blood/ infection/cancer. bloating is a sign of a period coming or something. I think you should get checked out and find out what the problem is. Good Luck!

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Can nipple discharge arrest the menstruation?

Nipple discharge and absent periods is a combination of symptoms that always deserves a checkup. Take a pregnancy test first if you are at risk of pregnancy. If that's not the cause, there could be a hormonal imbalance that is causing this combination of symptoms.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you're on NuvaRing?

Symptoms of pregnancy on NuvaRing are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

What are the symptoms before getting periods?

Discharge, cramps and pain.

What are pregnancy symptoms Can you have uti for a symptoms become pregnant?

Breast changes,fatigue, nausea and missed periods are theearly symptoms of pregnancy.

Can it be pregnancy if you missed your periods and discharge yellow in colour?

you must have aids

Would Early heavy periods with vomiting and bloating be a sign pregnancy?

It is unlikely - take a test anyway

Is black discharge before periods related to pregnancy?

no, black discharge can be a sign of a prolapse in the vaginal wall - get this checked out

Colour of the vaginal discharge of periods during pregnancy?

vaginal discharge can vary in colour, thickness and amount during pregnancy. if you have any concerns see your doctor

Is sore breasts and bloating signs of early pregnancy?

Sore breasts and bloating can be a sign of pregnancy, but sore breasts can also be a sign your periods due. With the bloating it wouldn't usually occur until about 10wks in pregnancy as you will find yourself constipated which naturally enough would cause you to bloat. When you arrive on your period date you can home test :)

Is dark yellow urine a symptom of pregnancy?

no but dark urine is a sign of dehydration. the signs of pregnancy are missed periods, Morning sickness,bloating,tiredness,and diarrhea

Why do some women have pregnancy symptoms but the HPT was still negative and what else could it be if you have unusual periods and nausea and change in appetite and leaking breasts?

Hi there. Leaking breasts during early pregnancy is highly uncommon. Too much proclatin in your blood can give you pregnancy symptoms, irregular/different periods and nipple discharge. However, I would do a pregnancy test again to be certain. If its negative you MUST see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test and to have a hormonal imbalance panel done.

You have irregular periods and your last 2 periods came on time Now symptoms not sure if they are pregnancy symptoms or pms you have diarrhea headaches frequent peeing heartburn bloating got neg tests?

so you havnt missed a period and have had negative tests, that is a good sign, i mean if you do not want to be, all the other symptoms you have named could deffinatly be pms, and they are not just trure to pregnancy those symptoms can come from any where and it might just all be in your head, that you are convinced you are pregnant that you think you have these signs, i would talk to a medical prefessional

What do i do I am 20 days late on periods and no symptoms of pregnancy and negative pregnancy test?

Go and see a doctor!! Obvious...

What are symptoms of being perimenopausal?

Some of the symptoms pf perimenopause are: irregular menstrual periods, bloating, mood swings, hot flashes, sore breasts, and and erratic sleep patterns.

Im having heavy periods but symptoms of pregnancy?

miscarriage, that's all i can think of

Usually you had a breast pain before periods but this time you had a nipple pain is it preganancy sign?

I wouldn't count on nipple pain as a sign of pregnancy unless you have missed your period and have other symptoms including urinating frequently, fatigue, bloating and breast tenderness.

Sticky nipple discharge from both nipples plus tenderness in chest plus missed your periods?


What could be the reason for pregnancy symptoms like nausea bloating tiredness swollen breasts and food aversions but you got your periods on time and had a miscarriage 10 months ago?

Pregnancy can be a possibility, have a test done asap. also if you have been stressed about becoming pregnant this can sometimes cause pregnancy like symptoms to occure I suggest that you go and talk with your doctor if a test turns up a negative result, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

What causes a water bloat?

Water bloating or retaining water can be caused by a hormone imbalance, particularly prior to the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy, long periods of physical inactivity and certain medications can also contribute to water bloating.

What are the possible symptoms of Gram negative extracellular diplococci?

Symptoms include a burning sensation while passing urine, pus like or yellow discharge from penis, pain and swelling in testicles. In women symptoms include pain while passing urine, vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, heavier periods, or bleeding between periods and or after the sex.

What are the symptoms of ovarian pain and how do I know that is what it is?

Common ovarian pain symptoms are irregular menstrual periods, vomiting/nausea, and bloating. WebMD is an excellent resource for finding out more information about ovarian pain and how to identify it.

What can cause missed periods and pregnancy symptoms including large rounded stomach but not be pregnant?

i have the same question

How can you tell if your pregnant when your overweight?

Missing periods, nausea and tender breasts are a few early symptoms of pregnancy.

Is a brownish discharge after sex the week you are expecting your period a sign of your period or pregnancy?

This is a very difficult question because brownish discharge is associated with both pregnancy and normal periods. If a full menstrual flow has not followed the discharge, you should do a pregnancy test immediately. It will be nearly 100% accurate once you have past the date you expected your period.

I am pregnant and have blood like discharge. is it normal?

Yes! some people get periods and a bloody discharge(spotting) during pregnancy! Congratulations on bringing a new life in this world!