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What does a pregnant black ghost knife fish look like?

It looks like it normally does except has a slightly larger stomach.

Is a burning sensation in the breasts and stomach a sign of pregnancy?

It can be or an infection.

Tender breast and sharp pains in stomach?

Tender breasts and sharp pains in the stomach can be PMS or cysts.

Where to get a stomach transplant?

The stomach is not normally transplanted, because you can actually live without one (and still eat relatively normally).

How big is a persons stomach?

A persons stomach is normally about the size of their fist.

Your stomach and breasts hurt what does that mean?

you are either pregnant or you are just hurting

Does the uterus enlarge in the first week of pregnancy?

very slightly, but not enough for you to tell on the outside. The baby's body doesn't normally begin to push the stomach out until the 3rd or 4th month.

Could you be pregnant if you have very bad stomach pains and your breasts are sore?


Can your stomach being hard and breasts being swollen mean you are pregnant?


How can you lose weight on your butt and stomach but gain weight in your breasts?

uhmmm....did you get implants?

What chemical and mechanical digestion take place in the stomach?

Stomach acid serves to slightly sterilize the contents of the stomach. The fluid contents of the stomach serve to hydrate the consumed foods. The stomach's motions serves to break the food down physically into slightly smaller size.

Do your stomach remain big after miscarriage?

Only if your pregnancy was big enough say on the your second trimester but normally should go back to normal, mostly it would be your breasts that would be bigger for a month or so then back to normal.

What to do if you have a real bad stomach ache with no fever and induces vomiting slightly?

My stomach is hurting really bad what can I do about

What is the directional term between the urinary bladder and the stomach?

The urinary bladder is inferior and medial to the stomach. The stomach is superior and slightly lateral to the bladder.

Does your stomach contain sulphuric acid?

No. Not normally. The stomach produces hydrochloric acidas an aid to digestion.

How big can your breasts get from when you get your period?

They can suffer water retention from bloating just like your stomach.

Why does your lower stomach ache?

Normally when hungry or exercising.

How can the poop you do affect your stomach?

Constipation can affect slightly your stomach. However, defecation doesn't, if you eat enough fiber.

What can you use to remake a stomach?

by using a chicken or pig stomach. put some gastric acid in the stomach and put the contents in that you normally eat.

Do soda bubbles expand the stomach?

yes, slightly, until you burp them

Organ that makes juices?

Salivary glands, Breasts, Stomach and Pancreas, Liver, seminal vesicles.

What is the location of the pancreas of a fetal pig?

It is the organ right beneath the liver, above the stomach. Slightly longer than the stomach.

How can Coca-Cola be harmful to your stomach?

The caffeine could slightly burn your stomach or put like a rash or a cut.

Does your stomach get stiff if you are seven weeks pregnant?

Not normally that early

What will your stomach feel like when you are first pregnant?

You will normally feel very exhausted , feeling tight in your lower abdomen and notice the tightness when bending down, Youl will look bloated probably by 5 weeks. Your breasts will feel tender at times painful.