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did you replaced spark plug also distributor cap and rotor???

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โˆ™ 2008-04-07 04:36:36
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Q: Number 1 piston on 1995 Toyota Tercel Does not fire well Have replaced ECU map sensor injector ignition coil and plug wires?
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Where is the ignition coil located in a 1998 tercel?

The 1998 Toyota ignition coil is located on the firewall, in the engine compartment. The ignition coil can be found on the passenger side of the firewall.

Is door and ignition the same key on a 1984 tercel?

all cars start of with matching locks/ignition and key so the ignition or locks must have been changed

When did Toyota stop making the Tercel?

The last year the awsome Toyota Tercel was in production was 1999......(sad face) It was replaced by the ugly Echo....blech!!

How do you change clutch in 1995 Toyota tercel?

That involves removing the axles the tranny. I just replaced the clutch and tranny on my 95 tercel and it's not fun.

Why does your tercel starts then runs for about 10 seconds then dies?

Go have Your Fuel Pump REPLACED

How do you clean the carburetor of a 1998 Toyota Tercel?

There is no carburetor on a 1998 tercel, it's fuel injection. Just go get a can of sea foam mootor tune up in a can and pour into your fuel tank. and that should clean your fuel injector nozels.

Why did Toyota stop making the Tercel?

It was sadly discontinued in 1999 and replaced by the stupid Toyota Echo.

Why your tercel smoking black?

Dirty fuel system, be it injectors or carburettor. Grab a bottle of Wynns injector clean and run it in your next tank of fuel

Where is the voltage regulator on a Toyota Tercel SR5?

The placement of the voltage regulator depends on the year of the Tercel. Some are mounted on the fender or firewall, most are an integral part of the alternator and cannot be replaced separately.

Need help locating ignition coil on a 91 tercel?

on a 1.5 3ee engine its in the distributer under the dist. cap

Where is the power steering on a 1992 Toyota Tercel located?

i have a 92 tercel and to be totally honest i relly dont think that the 92 tercel has power steering, mine dosent Ummm...yes they do. At least, mine does. I just replaced the power steering pump and belt. The pump is on the passenger side. (I have a 92 Tercel, 5-speed manual transmission w/AC.)

Why would a 1997 Toyota Tercel have no electric current to the plugs it will turn over but wont start?

i had the same problem. i have a two door 97 Toyota tercel with auto transmission. it was a fuse for the ful injector. there was an extra one in the black fuse box under the hood. try this

How to set timing on 1996 Toyota Tercel?

you cannot adjust the ignition timing on this car. a manual will help if you need to set cam timing

How many spark plugs on a 95 Toyota tercel?

spark plugs = the number of cylinders your car has. Tercel should be a 4 cylinder so 4 spark plugs.

How do you open a 1997 Toyota tercel door when the door lock mechanism failed?

My girlfriend has a tercel and her door lock has failed when it was locked ..... And WE had just used a coat hanger to open it up mind you it was not easy but it works now I did not lock it after wards until had replaced it.............

How do you adjust the clutch on a 96 Toyota Tercel?


When was Toyota Tercel created?

Toyota Tercel was created in 1978.

I replaced the battery on my 1997 Toyota Tercel but when I try to start the engine it still clicks and takes 10 - 15 tries to start?

Did you check your starter?

Thermostat location on 1996 tercel?

Thermostat location on 1996 tercel?

How do you replace serpentine belt on 1995 tercel?

i have a 99 tercel, help?

How are the vacuum lines connected to the carb on a 1989 Toyota Tercel?

1989 Tercel does not have a carburetor, it is Fuel Injected. Wrong. My 1989 Tercel has a carb.

How much does it cost to replace clutch on Toyota Tercel?

I replaced my clutch for about 114.00 but i get a discount. list price is probably around 150 or 175 for oem clutch kit.

How do you test the fuel pump on a 1993 Toyota tercel?

Check fuel delivery pressure Should be: at idle 13-20 psi with ignition on and motor off 23-31 psi

How do you remove an ignition coil on a 92 tercel?

Same as removal for the 93 already answered by someone else. Matter of fact, almost everything is the same I think for from 88 or so to 94.

91 Toyota tercel is it e85 compatiable?

is a 91 Toyota tercel e85 compatiable