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On a 1985 Chevy S10 aside from hose connections and the water pump gasket are there other ways or reasons that the water pump could be losing over a gallon of coolant in less than 400 miles?


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2005-07-16 21:53:43
2005-07-16 21:53:43

1 coolant boiling away due to overheating . 2 external or internal leakage ( leaking head gasket )( cracked head or cylinder bor ) ( loose cylinder heah bolts ) 3 faulty radiator cap. and if youre sure its a water pump thing grab the pump and try to shake it if you can the pump is bad and coolant would also be leaking out the weep hole at the front which is designed to leak when the pump goes bad


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It is possible that the gasket could leak between cylinders. The overheating and coolant loss would happen if the gasket was failing around the coolant passages.

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The head gasket sits between the head and the engine block if it is leaking out where you can see the coolant, yes you can smell the coolant if it is leaking into the engine no you cannot smell the coolant. You can check the oil to see if it has coolant in the oil if it does then the head gasket might be blown.

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The Intake gasket is leaking, NOT THE HEAD GASKET. Replace the intake gasket

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Probably a blown head gasket/warped head, cracked head or cracked block.

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Could be a number of reasons: low coolant, defective radiator, leaky hoses, blown head gasket...

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