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1 coolant boiling away due to overheating . 2 external or internal leakage ( leaking head gasket )( cracked head or cylinder bor ) ( loose cylinder heah bolts ) 3 faulty radiator cap. and if youre sure its a water pump thing grab the pump and try to shake it if you can the pump is bad and coolant would also be leaking out the weep hole at the front which is designed to leak when the pump goes bad

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Q: On a 1985 Chevy S10 aside from hose connections and the water pump gasket are there other ways or reasons that the water pump could be losing over a gallon of coolant in less than 400 miles?
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Can a head gasket leak without overheating or coolant loss?

It is possible that the gasket could leak between cylinders. The overheating and coolant loss would happen if the gasket was failing around the coolant passages.

Can you smell a coolant leak at the head gasket?

The head gasket sits between the head and the engine block if it is leaking out where you can see the coolant, yes you can smell the coolant if it is leaking into the engine no you cannot smell the coolant. You can check the oil to see if it has coolant in the oil if it does then the head gasket might be blown.

What will cause coolant to get in oil head gasket or intake gasket?

The Intake gasket is leaking, NOT THE HEAD GASKET. Replace the intake gasket

What can cause to have 1 gallon of coolant in the oil pan in 95 Legend?

Probably a blown head gasket/warped head, cracked head or cracked block.

Why does my1991 town car overheat?

Could be a number of reasons: low coolant, defective radiator, leaky hoses, blown head gasket...

How do you replace the thermostat gasket on a 1989 Isuzu trooper?

Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the radiator Remove thermostat housing Clean both surfaces Replace gasket Re-install housing Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an airlock Start engine and look for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Re-check coolant level

What causes a 2000 Pontiac Montana to overheat and have no heat at all?

Low Coolant. Poor coolant circulation. Intake gasket. Head gasket.

Oil in coolant tank?

Oil in the coolant tank indicates a head gasket leak.

Where would coolant leak from the head gasket?

The coolant will normally leak into the oil or into the cylinder

My Pontiac gran prix se 4 dr the coolant is leaking and not from the radiator. where can it be from?

Leaks can be wherever two surfaces meet as coolant passes by.Water pumpHose connectionsHeater coreCracked radiator capBlown head gasket

Reasons for water coming out of the exhaust manifold of a vauxhall astra?

check your coolant levels & if car overheating, might well be the cylinder head gasket is away.

Why does an automobile shut off after overheating?

one of the reasons why an automobile shutts off after overheating is that the head gasket may blown, hence letting the coolant in the chambers.

What if valve covers are covered with brown murky oil and coolant when removed?

One of many reasons, blown head gasket. Coolent getting into crankcase(oilpan).

Failed head gasket couses?

A head gasket will usually fail when the engine overheats due to lack of coolant or extreme driving conditions. The easy way to check your head gasket for leaks ect. is to check the condition of your coolant and oil via the dipsticks, if your head gasket has failed your coolant and/or oil will be a creamy white colour.

Can leaking coolant hose cause spark plugs to get corroded?

fist of all.. no. if your coolant hose is leaking then you will probably run out of coolant and blow a head gasket and you don't want that.second of all i have a question for you:is your coolant hose leaking or are you just losing coolant all the time? if your hose isn't leaking, then is possible you have a blown head gasket or a cracked block or a blown head gasket, and either of those two will cause ur spark plug too look nasty when u take it out, but there are also many different reasons why your spark plug could corrode.

Why is oil leaking into the coolant?

You need a head gasket.

Can the Timing Chain Cover Gasket leak coolant?


How could a head gasket be ruined other than over heating If the car already had leaking coolant for a long time would that have caused it?

gasket wears out in time. leaking coolant is the result of a bad gasket not the cause of it.

How does blown head gasket happen?

The most common cause of a blown head gasket is an over heating engine. Low coolant or coolant not circulating through the engine causes the engine to heat up and the gasket to fail.

Why does the Pontiac Grand Prix 1999 continues to over heat?

Could be a multitude of reasons: Low coolant, defective radiator, leaky hoses, blown head gasket...

Why does 2000 Oldsmobile over heat?

Could be one of three reasons - 1) low coolant, 2) defective cooling system, 3) blown head gasket

When there's a coolant leak from the intake manifold on a 1992 MPV van how can one tell if the head gasket has also been compromised?

You can tell if you're head gasket has been compromise by looking into the coolant reservoir, with the engine running. When the head gasket is compromised there will be air bubbles in the coolant reservoir.

What causes your engine to over heat in the 2002 jeep liberty?

There are several reasons a 2002 Jeep Liberty could overheat. Some possible reasons are low in coolant, a bad thermostat, or the head gasket went bad.

Why do you still smell coolant after you changed the intake gasket?

sounds like u slipped on the gasket or u have another leak. r u loosing coolant still? coolant usually only smells when driping on hot exhaust.

White residue on coolant system hosesand no coolant in reservoir?

Sounds like a blown head gasket