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On a 1992 Toyota Paseo the brakes freeze up after 20 minutes of driving the calipers has been replaced what could be wrong?


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2011-10-20 17:05:30
2011-10-20 17:05:30

The brake pads will heat up even with a little preasure on the disk. As they heat they expand. That will make them progressivly apply more preasure. I suspect you may have a bad brake line or your brake pedal may be stuck part way down. How long has it been since you have replaced your brake hoses? They may look good on the outside but be constricted on the inside. ��~ you might want to check fluid level in master cyl. expands if too full will lock brakes up has no were to go but calipers and or wheel clys.


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If it's only brake pads $40-60. If rotors have to be replaced too + $20-50 per rotor + labor. If calipers have to be replaced too, it's + ~$150 per caliper.

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Brake pads on a 1997 Toyota Celica are changed by removing the wheels, unbolting the calipers, and removing the old pads from the calipers. The caliper piston must be pushed in before the new pads can be installed.

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