On a 1994 ford escort why is the fan turning on too late with ac immiedietly?

Most fan controls are set by the engine temperature or coolant temperature, not necessarily the A/C switch. If you get in your car and start it up and throw the A/C switch on, the cooling fans have nothing to cool. The engine is still cool, the coolant is still cool so the fans are set off by a thermostat once the engien reaches a certain temp, then they go on to cool the coolant in the radiator down.

IS your engine running HOT? Is your engine temp in the hot zone? Is your engine overheating?

Do you hear the fans running? Do you see the fans running at all? If the fans run and you are not overheating I wouldn't be concerned. If you are showing high temps then yes get them checked, a relay may have gone bad but just realize unlike the engines of old where a mechanical fan turned most all the time, the new ones are electric and rely or a signal from the temp sensor to turn on.

There is a fan switch on the Escort as well as a temp switch. I assume you mean that if the car is idling in traffic etc. it will begin to overheat. If you turn on the a/c the fan will come on and the car will begin to cool. This is because turning on the a/c overrides the temp and fan switches and bypasses them forcing the fan on whenever the a/c is on. Check your fan switch. A manual on your car will show it's location.

.....also, its a ford, that's probably why your having problems .....