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The distributor induction coil may not be sending a signal to trigger the spark. Wiggle that pigtail wire coming out of the distributor boy and see if the engine will start. If it does, then install a new induction coil. The wires coming out of the distributor body sometimes develop breaks. If the dealer doesn't have the coil, then you can use a substitute Mopar part from NAPA, however, the Mopar part doesn't fit as tight into the distributor body as the original part. Plan to pay about $50 for the part. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save the screws from the original part. If I remember correctly, the replacement screws with the Mopar part are bit short.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-24 14:55:11
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Q: On a 1995 Dodge Van 318 V8 the engine cranks fine but there is no spark to the distributor could this be a SMEC problem?
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