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IT WON'T COMPRESS BECAUSE THE PISTON HAS TO BE SCREWED BACK IN WHILE COMPRESSING THE PISTON AT THE SAME TIME - THAT IS ALSO HOW THE BRAKE'S (BRAKE PEDDLE) IS ADJUSTED.ALSO THEY MAKE SPECIAL TOOLS TO DO THAT - IF YOU REALLY NEED THEM.& ALSO THE BLEEDER SCREW SHOULD BE LOOSENED (if calipher is removed) so as NOT TO PUSH COMTAMINATED FLUID BACK INTO THE (ANTI-LOCK) SYSTEM (if equiped) & NOT TO PUSH BAD FLUID BACK INTO THE MASTER CYLINDER. Autozone sells a neat little tool that attaches to your 3/8" ratchet, just like a socket. It has grip devices that will grip the top of the piston and allow you to easily screw the piston back into the caliper. The little tool is inexpensive (around 2.00) and is a lifesaver if you are going to do rear disc brakes .

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What causes Oldsmobile aurora chime to stay on?

Door plunger switch broken or bad.

When replacing brake pads how do you get the plunger back in?

First and very importantly, you must know what type of caliper you have. Some confess with a clamp. Other twist in. If you attempt to clamp a twist in style caliper it will be damaged.

Your rear caliper on 1998 Taurus won't compress are you missing something or is the caliper messed up?

On 1998 Tuarus' You must roate the plunger with either a needle nose pliers or the specilty tool that ford makes, i use a channel lock pliers being very careful not taer the boot or go the wrong way and remove the plunger. I belive it is for most of this model run of tuarus' that you do this it is a really bad design.

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Where is brake light switch on a 1986 Cutlass?

There should be a bracket mounted on the steering column near the floor. This will have a switch in it that is a plunger type. When the shaft of the brake pedal is depressed, it comes into contact with this plunger and activates the brake light circuit. If you "ride the brakes", your brake lights will always be on because of the minimal pressure required to activate this circuit.

Why won't my Brake plunger on the caliper not compress?

there are two ways caliper pistons are made, one you can just use a c-clamp to push the piston back into the caliper; the other piston type must be screwed into the caliper with a special tool (inexpensive and readily available at your local auto parts store), but i must warn you, this "screw type" is very annoying to deal with, sometimes you have to start screwing it in with a pair of channel lock pliers b/c the tool wont fit in the caliper until the piston is most of the way back into the caliper, but be careful not to scar the outside of the piston and not to break or tear the seal

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How do you change a 2004 volkswagen jetta rear brakes?

Remove rear tire Remove (2) 13 mm bolts from caliper assembly. (Need 15 mm wrench to hold lock nut) Remove caliper Remove old pads Tighten (right turn) caliper plunger using special spanner wrench until it bottoms out insert new pads replace caliper and 13 mm bolts replace tire pump brakes before driving

How do you compress caliper piston 2006 Kia Spectra rear brake?

Get a 4 Inch C Clamp Leave the Pad In The Caliper On The Plunger Side Open The Clamp Wide enough To Clamp on The Back Of Caliper and Pad. It should Easily compress. However, as these are rear disc, the emergency brake is connected as well. A C clamp will not work in this situation because the piston caliper is threaded and has to be retracted by turning the piston caliper with a special tool that can be gotten at most auto parts for around 10-15 dollars. Make sure the cap is off the master cylinder reservoir. Not difficult.

What tools are needed to change the front disc brake pads on a 1996 Ford Contour?

Jacklug-wrenchwrenches1"X2" boardC-clampNew Brake PadsAnswerIts a 7mm Allen wrench to remove the two caliper pins. AnswerIf you are also doing the rears (disc only) you will need the special ford caliper tool, turns and pushes the plunger at the same time. if you put a C clamp on the rears you will destroy the caliper, and they arent cheap ;)

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