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Mine did the samething go get a ignition switch the electrical portion, to change it it has one screw and two wire harness. It can be reached without removing any panels. Take a small screw deiver flat tip and pop the big harness lose at the top of the switch about 10 min. part 112.00 at Mazda

2011-09-13 12:29:57
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How does the bendix solenoid know when to retract so the gear will not grind in the flywheel?

When you turn the key all the way forward to start the vehicle, that not only turns your ignition system on, it also engages the starter and bendix drive. When you release the ignition switch, it returns to the position where the ignition is still hot, but the power to the side of the solenoid that engages the bendix drive is dead.

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What does an ignition switch do for a 1997 jeep?

It engages and disengages the lock that starts the vehicle. There are 2 parts to the switch. The ignition switch and the lock assembly.

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How do you find a short in your ignition wires for a ford escort lx 92 whats happening is when i jump start the car the starter engages and doesn't want to turn off as long as it's in park or neutral?

92 Escorts are known for having a bad ignition switch. When trying to start the starter won't quit after you release the key from start to run position. Replace the ignition switch.

If the key is stuck in the ignition of a 2004 Chrysler Sebring and the airbag light is on how do you fix it?

Be sure the ignition switch is in the "off" position. Move the steering wheel right & left while removing the key - sometimes the steering wheel lock mechanism engages and needs to be manipulated to allow ignition switch into "off" position. Airbag light is a mystery, our Sebring does this also. I have heard that one cause is a faulty airbag fuse - maybe try replacing it. For future reference, if your brake light comes on (mainly while turning) check you brake fluid level.

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How do you troubleshoot starter problem with 78 Ford Mustang v-6?

You want to bypass the ignition system and jump the solenoid to see if the starter engages. I f it does, it is not the starter,if it doesn't, than it is the stater. You can also jump power straight from the batt to the pos cable of the starter to see if it engages.

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How do you adjust the clutch on your kia picanto lx?

If it's a cable clutch i believe you can only adjust the position of the pedal, not the moment that the clutch engages. But I could be mistaken

The four wheel drive was engaged during dry highway driving and now it doesn't work. the tc engages but the front wheels won't turn?

There is some sort of vacuum cylinder or diaphragm on the front differential that engages it when you are in four wheel drive, that is probably the problem, I don't think driving it on dry pavement caused the problem.

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What is wrong if after you installed an ignition lock in your '91 Dodge Dynasty the key will not come out and the car is stuck in park?

It probably is the igniton switch that needs to be adjusted. It is down on the steering column under the dash. Loosten the mounting screws and slide the switch either up or down to where when it engages the starter it is jully turned foreward and you can still get the radio to come on is acc position.

You was alway told not to start your car with the ac on so you always turn it off before you get out of car why is this?

The next time you go to start your car turn everything "ON". That would be wipers,radio, air conditioner on high. Now, very ,very slowly turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position and everything should be working. Now very,very,very slowly turn the key to the start position. Now just before the starter engages you will notice that all accessories are temporarily turned off so that the starter gets full power. In other words the ignition switch turns it off so that you do not have to do so.

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Why would a 1995 Escort stall at low rpms after you turn on the Air Conditioning?

it may be, because when the ac comes on , the ac compresor clutch engages and takes power away from the engine. is your ignition timing properly adjusted?

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