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There is a small "stud" that guides your Top Gear. Make sure this stud is straight UP. Make sure all studs, including the bottom gear, are straight up. Any timing marks to be straight up.

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Q: On a 76 Datsun 620 pickup overhead cam how do you find the correct position for the camshaft gear after installing a new chain?
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Function of the camshaft sensor for a 1991 park ave?

On vehicles equipped with a camshaft position sensor, it is used to help the PCM determine the correct firing order.

Where is the camshaft sensor b on a BMW z3?

All depending on the year of your vehicle will determine the location of the camshaft position. The camshaft position sensor, or cps, is located just under the head gasket. They are two different sensors, so be sure to deal with the correct one.

What problems does the Mercedes 2009100001 recall correct?

intended to correct the oil leak caused by poorly designed camshaft position sensor magnets

What is a camshaft?

A straight, gear-driven shaft that contains lobes used to operate the intake and exhaust valves of a reciprocating engine. The camshaft is geared to the crankshaft in such a way that valves close and open at the correct time relative to the position of the piston in the cylinders.

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Is there a difference between a camshaft and a cambelt?

The cambelt connects the camshaft to the crankshaft, the belt drives the camshaft and keeps it in the correct timing (when the valves open/close in relation to the crankshaft angle.)

Where is the Wells Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza?

Our "Check Engine" light recently came on and we took it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. They said it was the Camshaft Sensor which keeps the cams and pistons properly timed and in correct position. I'm not exactly sure where, but all they said was that it was an internal part and told us that some part of the engine would have to be taken apart to change it.

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Why do some engines have both crankshaft and camshaft position sensors?

this is a bit of a history lesson: On early computer controlled engines the cam sensor was only really needed when the car started so the computer knew where the combustion cycle was. They ran a cross check with the crankshaft position sensor to insure the calibration was correct but complete failure would not cause serious trouble until the engine was shut off and a restart attempted. Next level was when the manufacturers realised that if they measured the wear on camshaft drive components and or error in where the camshaft was timed they could make the engine run better and make less pollution. Now with variable cam timing on multiple camshafts the computer measures the camshaft rotation to adjust the camshaft timing.

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Where are Astra turbo diesel timing marks?

Diesel engines normally do not have timing marks.Depending upon the age of your vehicle,the crankshaft is sometimes locked in position at 6.00 o clock,that's underneath.There is a plate normally held with bolts,behind it you may find a pointer,if so there is also a mark on the flywheel which should be positioned to the pin.The fuel pump needs a pin to locate and secure it,there is also a timing mark on it normally at 12 00 o clock position,the mark must be exactly in line when belt fitted,any deviation at all the engine will not run correctly. Finally, the camshaft is either set in the correct position by taking off the vacuum pump and locating a special key to lock in place the camshaft,or the rocker cover is removed and a DTI is used to position the camshaft lobe in the correct position. This type of work is for an EXPERT, do not attempt it without the correct tools,if you are not confident, leave it to an entrusted professional. Please note what I have said, Diesel Engines Do Not Normally have Timing Marks, this is very dependant upon the age of your engine

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On a 1998 gmc 350 only half of the plugs are firing new plugs wires cap rotor crankshaft sensor and timing chain what could it be?

Recheck the rotor position and spark plug wiring for correct positions for starters. camshaft sensor?

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How do you set a timing chain on a 98 Saturn s1?

The timing chain on the SOHC motor is easy to set. First, before you remove the chain, rotate the crankshaft 90 degrees clockwise past TDC (top Dead Center) This lowers the pistons to the middle of the cylinder block so you don't damage any of the valves in the head. Proceed to remove the timing chain. When installing the new timing chain, rotate the camshaft so the mark on the cam gear is at the 12 0'clock position. You can use a 3/16 drill bit to line up the camshaft sprocket with the locating hole in the cylinder head to be sure the gear is in the correct position. Rotate the Crankshaft Counter-Clockwise back to TDC so the mark on the crank sprocket matches the timing mark cast into the block, be sure when installing the chain, all the slack of the chain in on the tensioner side.

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When installing a new camshaft and bearings do you have to align bore?

Not typically, No. It's nice to do if you have the extra cash or are building for the most power and reliability. Align honing is usually done to correct core shift....which happens over years of use. It's usually very minor and on a street car it seldom needs to be done.

If your engine code readout says 'camshaft position timing over-advanced bank 1' can it be retimed to correct this?

if you have changed or moved the cam it can be one tooth off and still run but the sensor will pick up the off time

2001 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 engine is there something to look at on the valve before installing the cams to let you they are in the right position and setting the timing marks on the timing chain.?

If the marks on the sprockets line up with the plated links, the timing is correct.

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