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The easiest way is to go to a parts store and purchase the tool made for screwing down the piston. I think it's like $10 for the cheap one and you just put it on the end of a ratchet. You can fit it in the small grooves on the piston and turn clockwise and it will go down.

You can also use the wrench for removing the nut on most grinders. The one from a DeWalt grinder works perfect.

AnswerI haven't worked on one before, but I'd be tempted to back off the brake fluid bleed screw and see if I can retract the piston then.

I replaced the rear pad's on my 2000 ls and there is a square box tool that's supost to fit inside the piston and the you use a ratchit to turn it in I went and bought the tool that's supost to fit but it didn't work so used a rag and channel locks to turn it in

Answerthey screw in..turn and apply presure helpful hinti just replaced the rear brake pads on my wifes 2002 Lincoln LS. i loosend the bleeder screw a little and used channel locks to turn the piston down. didn't look like it was working at first, then it started going down real easy. i almost had to learn the hard way! be careful not to tear the rubber boot around the piston, take your time it will work. i didn't have to apply pressure the piston and i didn't have to fool with the emergency brake line.

P.S. There is a tool that you can usually borrow from your local autoparts store. It turns and presses the piston at the same time. I worked for three hours trying to get mine to compress and finally went to get the tool. It only took about ten mins per wheel after I had the tool. It is worth it. you could do it in their parking lot pretty much. ~good luck~

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Q: On a Lincoln LS 2001 how does one get the rear break piston to retract as using the usual C clamp retraction method will not work?
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Infiniti g20 retract piston on caliper?

You need to turn the piston clockwise and it will slowly retract as you turn.

How do you free a stuck rear brake piston on a 90 Isuzu trooper?

The piston is not stuck. It must be rotated to retract it. There are two depressions on the piston face. Use a pair of needle nose pliars to turn the piston clockwise to retract it. Turn it until the face of the piston is flush with the boot.

How do you retract the piston in the rear brakes of a 2006 VW Jetta?

you must turn piston clockwise as you push it in

How do I retract the calipers on a 2004 Lincoln LS?

I go to AutoZone and borrow their caliper compression tool. Follow the instructions closely. The piston is screwed in with the tool in a clockwise rotation.

How do you get the piston back on 2008 Ford Fusion to get the new brake pads on?

I've found the best way to retract the piston is with a C-clamp, before you remove the pads. I've used this method for many years. Bill F

How do you decompress rear caliper on a 2002 vw passat?

Hi there ! I have just renovated my front and rear brakes om my Passat 1.8T 1998. This is the way to retract the rear Lucas caliper piston: You need to press and clockwise twist the brake piston in the caliper. First I tried with my standard tools but it was to hard so I purchased a special retraction tool f

How do you retract brake caliper piston with channel lock pliers?

You cant, it needs a 'C' clamp.

Why wont your brake piston retract?

Try bleeding your brake lines, you may have some gunk in there.

What is the direction to turn the brake caliper piston to reset it when putting new pads on a 1995 ford escort gt?

Clockwise to retract piston into caliper body

Hydraulic cylinder retract force on piston with rod size reduced by half at piston end?

How do you retract rear brake piston from 1998 Honda prelude sh?

You need to turn (screw, rotate) the piston clockwise in the caliper a large number of times to make it fully retract. You can insert some kind of tool into the indentations in the face of the piston, or grip the very top edge of the piston with pliers in order to turn it. It has to be fully retracted to allow enough space for "new" pads to be installed.

How do you retract the rear brake piston on a 2008 town and country?

Compressing the rear brake caliper piston on a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country requires a special tool that pushes in and turns the piston at the same time.

What causes the caliper piston to move away from the rotor when the brake pedal is released?

Rotor "Out of Round" when rotating "High" spot will cause piston to retract into caliper body

In minecraft i made a piston door right now when i press the lever the piston goes out but i want it to come back how do i do that?

flip the lever/switch again, it has both an on and off function *if you want the block to retract with the piston, you need a sticky piston

How do you squeeze the caliper of a 05 Malibu on?

Use a "C" clamp to fully retract piston into caliper body

When to change calipers?

When there is to much resistance to retract the piston, When the rubber piston(s) boot/seal is damaged/torn, When the bleeder is broken/stripped,

Change rear brake pads on Audi a6 2005?

a special scanner called a v.a.g. has to be used to retract the electronic e brake system, and will also retract caliper piston..DO NOT TRY WITH OUT TOOL !!!!!

How do you compress the caliper piston on a 1985 Nissan truck brake assembly?

If it is the front brake use a "C" clamp to retract piston If it is the rear and the parking brake is used by this caliper piston is threaded and a special tool (not expensive) available at Sears or auto parts to "screw" piston into caliper body

How do you compress the rear brake calipers on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

the piston on the rear calipers will turn in a clockwise motion and that is how they retract.

How do you push the caliper in on a 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

Use a "C" Clamp to fully retract the piston into the caliper body

How do you get piston in rear brake caliper to retract on a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta?

if it's like older jetta's or most imports you need a special tool{or a channel lock pliers} to turn the piston back in

How to Rebuild rear brakes?

There is a seal kit that includes an o-ring and the boot. The piston needs to be spun out, similar to how you spin it in to retract it.

Do you need to retract the brake calliper piston if you are using the same brake pads?

It helps re-fit to slide it back a fraction.

How do you replace the rear brake pads on a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

you need to use a rear brake caliper piston turning tool... you can't use the push method... the piston have to be turned as they screw out as the pads wear. i found out the hard way.. i broke 2 c-clamps...

How do you get piston to retract back into rear brake caliper on 2000 mitsibushi galant?

If the piston is just a solid or hollow cylinder, you can use a pair of big channel locks and an old brake pad to squeeze it back in, if the piston has little cut outs in it you will need to rent a tool that twists the piston back in to place, like a bolt.