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You should start using synthetic oil right away. The engines in today's cars don't go through a "break in period" like older cars did because the cylinders and pistons are machined to very tight tolerances. Advancements in CNC machining centers and materials have eliminated the traditional break in period. That is why today's engines will run for more than 300,000 miles compared to just 25 years ago when a car with 100,000 miles on it was considered scrap. However, you should still change the oiland filter as recommended in your owner's manual. Some people mistakenly think that they don't need to change their oil as often if they use synthetic oil. This is wrong because contaminants from the engine's combustion still get into the oil and the only way to get rid of it is to change the oil & filter regularly.

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Q: On a new car when should you start using synthetic oil?
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How often should you replace synthetic oil in your car?

I dodged the bullet on that one by not using synthetic oil in my car. If I did, I would be sure to change it at least as often as my owner's manual stipulates so I don't void my warranty.

Do you HAVE to use synthetic oil in 2006 turbo 2.0 VW pasaat?

Yes, VW recommends using synthetic in this car.

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What if you accidentally put regular oil in your car when it had synthetic oil in before?

It would not be as good as all synthetic however mixing the two should not do any damage to your engine.

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What should one do when their car won't start?

There are many things one should do when their car doesn't start. Depending on the type of car one has, one should check for problems located in their engine.

What types of automobiles use synthetic oil?

Some cars as well as aircrafts use synthetic oil. Whether you should use it in your car or not will depend on the age of the car as well as its milage. If its too old, its probably not a good idea.

Is it harmful to switch from using synthetic oil to using standard oil in your car?

It is not a very god idea if that is what the manufacture requires, conventional will leave sludge and gunk in the engine.

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When do you need to change your oil in a car or truck?

Every 3,000 miles is when the oil should be changed on a motor vehicle using standard oil. If the vehicle takes Full Synthetic, 5000 miles is the oil change interval.

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NO it should not start but if does I would call it a miracle.

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What synthetic oil is right for your car?

5w-20 of any synthetic motor oil brand.

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What oil does your car take?

5w30 synthetic

Will using synthetic oil in my car reduce the need for frequent oil changes?

You should change your oil as recommended by the manufacturer. You change the oil because it gets dirty and the type of oil you use won't change the fact that it will get dirty.

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