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The power to the window relay comes from the fuse panel. The relay should be under the shift console, left side, after you remove the small access panel. The didn't make these things easy to get to. Losing power to both windows probably means a loose of power at the fuse panel. The wire plugs in right above where you use your foot to operate the dimmer switch. To do any electrical testing you really should have basic test tools and a basic knowledge of 12 volt electrical systems.

Check the wires going thru the drivers door for fraying . Using a 12v tester, check the power going to the master switch at the drivers door.The circuit breaker for your power windows should reset as long as there isn't a dead short.I hope this helps you. Mark Thanks for helping Mark, you look like to have some electrical knowledge that I don't. I do not have a 12v tester to operate as you mentioned. Could you tell me where on the fuse panel is the one for the power windows (location)? I would appreciate. Access to read is not easy and with a flash light I could bearely read them. I could not find any abrevation close to power windows or related to. All looks not melted. Maybe there is a relay too to check or change? where is the location?. Appreciate your help. Eric

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can you show me with diag.

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Q: On corvette 1974 - both windows suddenly did not work-is it a fuse problem?
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