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If you have not yet checked your alternator do that. Then if you did that your self double check it by seeing if there is any slack in the belt, if so then tighten the belt, then check the alternator again. I think this is what could be the problem Sounds like the alternator. You should test it to see how many AMPS it's putting out. If you can't, take it to your local auto parts store, they should be able to do it for you. It should be putting out about 65 AMPS, if it's not, it needs to be replaced. If you can start your car, start it and turn your headlights on high beam and turn your air conditioner on full blast and your radio on. If your car shuts off, your alternator is more than likely bad. Check the battery too. If things were working when your engine speed are higher, but not at idle, and now the car won't start, it could be a weak battery that is now dead.

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Q: Over a space of a week your headlights heaters and windscreen wipers do not work unless you am accelerating and now your car wont start at all does anyone know what it could be?
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