Percent fissionable uranium 235 atoms in atom bombs and reactors?

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- Nuclear power reactors can work also with natural uranium (0,7 %) - as in CANDU type. PWR, HWR, etc. reactors have a higher concentration of uranium-235. And for research reactors. the concentration is even bigger.
- An old nuclear bomb had a concentration of more than 99 % uranium-235; but today plutonium bombs are being manufactured or thermonuclear weapons..
A nuclear reactor works by using the energy that is released when the nucleus of a heavy atom splits. That process is called fission. In reactors, fission occurs when uranium atoms are hit by slow-moving neutrons. Absorbing these excess neutrons sometimes causes the atoms to break apart. As the nucleus splits, it releases energy, in the form of heat. In a boiling water reactor, this heat becomes steam, which drives turbines to generate the electricity that is used for everything from charging smartphones to heating homes. Uranium comes in two principle forms, or isotopes: uranium 235 and uranium 238. Uranium 238 is the most common uranium isotope, and more stable. When it absorbs a neutron, it usually doesn't break apart. Uranium 235 is more likely to undergo fission when hit by a slow-enough moving neutron. When hit, the nucleus absorbs the neutron, becomes unstable and decays, splits into two lighter atoms and throws out two or three new neutrons.
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How does fission of uranium atoms take place in a nuclear reactor?

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