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Practical application of red black tree of data structure?

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Red Black Tree is a special type of self balancing binary search tree. This is used as Syntax Trees in major compilers and as implementations of Sorted Dictionary.

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Application of array in data structure?

application of the array

Applications of data structure?

no application

What is Data structure and its application in computer science?


What are real life application of data structure?

How about an employee record...

Suitable data structure for an application?

There is no generic answer for this question (if it is a question at all).

What is the application of data structure queue?

Queue is a FIFO(First In First Out) data structure. The main applications of queue data structure are conversion of expressions from infix to postfix and from infix to prefix,evaluation of postfix expressions.

Application of stack in data structure?

One way to emulate a stack with a data structure is with a singly linked list wherein you can only add and remove nodes from the head or tail of the list (depending on implementation). An easy and straightforward application of this type of data structure would be a reverse polish notation calculator where values can be pushed onto the data structure and then popped when one comes across an arithmetic symbol.

Is linear data structure is better than non linear data structure?

No, it depends on the application of the data structure. As an analogy, screwdrivers are not necessarily better than hammers. Yes, they are more "powerful", but they are not always the best choice in every situation.

Application of linked list in data structure?

Memory management.......that is split and fullup the block..

What are the applications of stacks and queues in data structure?

The stacks and queues are used for the input of continuous data in the application. The stacks are used during the run-time for application sequence initialization.

What is an application protocol data unit?

In the context of smart cards, an application protocol data unit is the communication unit between a smart card reader and a smart card. The structure of the APDU is defined by ISO/IEC 7816-4 Organization, security and commands for interchange.

What is a tree data structure?

a tree data structure is a last in,last out data structure

What is keystone in software engineering?

Generally a class pertaining to logical and practical software, and some sort of extensive application of various data structures. At my school the class is called "Data Structures."

What is the need for data structure?

What is data structure

What are the topics used in Advanced data structure?

types of data structure types of data structure

Application data folder in Windows XP?

The application data is found here: C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data

Application of multiplexing in data communication?

application of multiplexing in data communication

What is moving data from one application to another application?

Data Migration

How do you amend a data structure?

How do you amend a data structure?

How do you determine symmetry of a data structure For example how do you know if a Stack or a queue or a priority queue or a double ended queue are symmetric?

You can determine symmetry of a data structure in two ways. One is when the stacks and queues data are put in the application and when the stacks are put in during run-time.

Is array a Data Structure?

yes an array is a data structure

What are the area of application of data structure in computer science?

Top store a collection of data for a given subject in one place. Think in terms of the address book in an email program.

What is the difference between allocation and search data structure?

difference between serch data structure and allocation data structure

What is a structural independence?

exist when it is possible to make changes in the file structure without affecting the application program's ability to access the data.

What is non homogeneous data structure?

collection of dissimilar type of data is called non homogeneous data structure as for example structure .