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It could by a miscarriage. You really need to see a doctor.


could be a miscarriage or your having a period while pregnant which some women do Go see a doctor and find out what it is

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Can u cramp and have a light bleeding while pregnant?

you can. the body overgoes several hormonal changes at the beginning of the pregnancy. if you are not really sure if you are pregnant, don't think that because you are cramping you are not. you can cramp even if you are pregnant. yes you do its ok

I was planning my pregnancy and when i was due for my period i began to get crampy so i though we had failed...when actually i was pregnant. this me be the same case for you.

Yes i think so even though the nerves twitch normally and you do get foot cramp that way

Go and see your doctor or midwife

You should probably contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Maybe because your period could be starting soon. Or you are pregnant

Yes, as long as they are not unbearable or accompanied by blood

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but if you've had a normal period with normal flow since your last intercourse you are not pregnant.

Orally probably nothing and vaginally you will most likely cramp and bleed.

Yes, providing they are not severe or come with blood.

Of course it is! Discharge is normal for women, especially pregnant women. When you become pregnant, your discharge is increased dramatically. I am currently pregnant and I have to wear panty liners everyday. Nothing to be ashamed or worried about. On the other hand, if the discharge is irritating or foul smelling, then you probably have an infection. Common infections with women during pregnancy are yeast and bacterial. Both can be treated (even though they continue to reoccur) and neither is sexually transmitted. But of course, this is a question you need to discuss with your OB. During pregnancy it is normal to have an increase in vaginal discharge. It is called leukorrhea. It is usually white or yellow and fairly thick. Don't worry, it is not an infection. They believe it is caused by the increased blood flow to the skin and muscles around the vagina. You may have to wear sanitary pads if you have a heavy discharge. If the discharge you have is accompanied by a foul smell, or there is irritation or itching around or inside the vagina, then make sure to see you heath care provider. I you with your question! Stacey Yes it's normal. It is probably bits and pieces of your mucus plug coming out. As long as it is not accompanied with cramps, fever or any blood it is normal! Yes, Of Course It Is. As Long As You Don't Get Cramp After It Is Perfectly Normal

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but if you've had a normal period with normal flow since your last intercourse you are not pregnant.

during 16 weeks, the uterus is stretching and growing for the baby! So a cramp-like feeling is pretty normal and dont worry to much. Also during pregnancy increased discharge is normal as well (as long as its white, not yellow or smells funny its okay) If the cramps start to become intense, and you see blood/spotting, then you need to call. Never be afraid to call and ask your MW or DR about what your feeling.

you posibly could be pregnant or about to get your period. it could also mean you are having a misscarrige.

when you miss your period, and if you are pregnant, does your body still cramp like it does when you are starting your period?

It can be that you are in labor, regular contractions increasing in frequency, severity and interval , pain radiating from up to back and lower abdomen is a sign of true labor.

Yes. If you are pregnant and are bleeding and cramping, go to the E.R. immediately. There are other complications that can cause bleeding and when medical help is sought soon enough, it may be possible to avoid miscarriage.

You can still bleed while you're pregnant like you would when you get your period. Definitely take a pregnancy test to be sure.

You cramp because during ovulation your endometrium is shedding due to the lack of use (there's no embryo for it to nourish) so it sheds and the blood exits the Vagina. The unfertilized egg also sheds and bleeds. Naturally that would hurt to have blood flowing through your pelvis!

hypopotassium? muscle cramp? excercise?