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Cost me $185 at the dealership.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-23 15:45:59
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Q: Price to replace crankshaft seal in Saab 95?
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How do you replace a front crankshaft seal on 99 Mitsubishi mirage?

how do i replace a front crankshaft seal on a 99 mitsubishi mirage

How do you replace a crankshaft seal on 2003 Saturn Ion?

Very carefully

Can you replace a rear oil seal in a 95 Chevy truckwith out pulling the engine and trans?

No you can not. It is a solid round seal that slides over the back of the crankshaft where the fly-wheel bolts up to the crankshaft.

What is this part number for 1736436?

The part number W0133-1736436 is for a Audi RS6 crankshaft seal. The Audi RS6 crankshaft seal is sold individually. It can be purchased for a price ranging from $10 to $20.

How do you replace crankshaft seal in a dodge caravan?

Should pull the drive pulley and then you can pop off the old seal with a screw drive and press in the new seal.

How do you replace the crankshft oil seal?

Need more info like the year, make, engine size and front or rear crankshaft seal.

How do you replace 99 Camry front crankshaft oil seal?

You need to remove the belt pulley, then timing belt, its pulley sitting on the crankshaft. After that you will gain access to the seal. The seal has to carefully pried out. Make sure that you do not scratch the crankshaft surface as well as the seal seat in the engine body. Put a little bit of clean oil on the seal before installing it, it will make your life significantly easier. Make sure that you do not damage new seal when you are installing it.

How do you replace the rear main crankshaft oil seal on a Mercedes ML430?

You have to start by pulling out the transmission, this will give you access to the rear cover of the engine, and the rear crankshaft oil seal. You have to remove the rear engine cover once exposed, then you can pop out the old seal and press in the new one! And re-install transmission.

How do you replace the rear main seal in a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

Pull transmission, pull old seal from around crankshaft with seal puller, install new one with special tool/arbor, install trans.

Where is the front seal on a 1997 chev 1500 half ton 43liter?

behind the vibration dampner (and lowerpulley on end of crankshaft) you will need a dampner puller and seal remover to replace it

How do you replace a back crankshaft seal on a 1984 ford 2.8?

You have to drop the transmission or pull the engine. remove the flexplate and oil pan.

Do you have to remove oil pan to replace or change oil seal around crankshaft on 20 hp kohler cv624 engine?


How do you replace crankshaft seal Mercedes Benz ML320?

You will need to remove the front driver's side wheel and jack the car up first. Now open the hood and remove the serpentine belt on the engine. Remove the crankshaft belt next and then remove the splash shield that is located inside the wheel well next to the engine. Unscrew the bolt holding the crank pulley. The round ring you see is the crankshaft seal. Remove this with a pry or screwdriver and then place the new crankshaft seal in its place.

How do you replace a water pump on a 1998 for escort?

If I remember correctly you will need to remove the timing belt to replace this water pump. This is a very labor intensive job. You should replace the timing belt, tensioner pulley, camshaft seal, and crankshaft seal while you have the car apart and access is easy.

How do you replace a Subaru Outback front crankshaft seal?

It's a big job. You have to remove alternator and air cond. belts. Remove crankshaft pulley, then remove timing belt assembly cover, then remove timing belt, then pull out crank sprocket. After that you get the old crankshaft seal out and put in new one. Put then everything back in reverse order. Done.

How do you replace a rear main oil seal on a 1996 Pontiac firebird3.8?

That engine has a solid round one piece rear main seal that slides over the rear of the crankshaft. You will either have to remove the engine are transmission to be able to replace the rear seal. No other way to do it. ( BIG JOB ) and a good paying job.

Is it expensive to replace front crankshaft seal on 2002 corolla?

not really that expensive, all you have to remove is the main drive belt and the balancer.. i charge about 150.

How is the front Main Seal changed on a 1991 Jeep Laredo 4.0 Liter?

Remove the serpentine belt. Remove the harmonic balancer. Pry it off the crankshaft. Install new seal, replace balancer and belt.

Where does a one piece rear main seal go?

You can either pull the engine out or remove the transmission and flywheel to install the rear seal. It slides over the back of the CRANKSHAFT on the back of the engine. Must remove 1 or the other to replace seal.

2004 yamaha blaster and it burning trans gear oil you were told to replace the crankshaft seal so thats what you did but its still doing it can anyone tell you whats going on THANKS?

If u are still burning trans oil than u put the seal in wrong or damaged it replace the seal again note use the right tools

Replace a rear main seal in a 350?

NEED TO KNOW THE YEAR. Some years had the 2-piece seal and some had the 1-piece seal. All engines after 1986 give are take a month have the 1-piece seal and you must remove the engine are the transmission to replace the seal. OIL Pan does not need to come off. If it is older then a 86 then you will have to remove the oil pan and the oil pump and rear main cap on the crankshaft to replace the seal. Either way BIG JOB.

Is a front main oil seal the same as a front crankshaft seal?


How do you replace crankshaft seal on polaris scrambler 50?

you have to take the primary and secondary clutch off of the machine and the other half of the plastic cover thats behind them.

Where is the crankshaft seal on 1988 dodge caravan?

There is one on each end of the crankshaft. The front main seal is at the pulley and, while the rear main is at the transmission end.

How do you replace the front crankshaft seal on a 1993 Saturn sl2?

First you will need to remove the Harmonic Balancer pulley from the engine. This may prove to be difficult being the bolt that holds the pulley on is tightened to 220ft lbs. once the bolt is removed the pulley should just slide off. behind the pulley is the front crankshaft seal, use a good seal remover tool to pry the old seal out. reinstall the new seal with a seal installation tool. make sure the crank pulley is tightened back to 220ft lbs.