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Pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb?

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April 25, 2010 10:52AM


  • The two bombs helped to end the war and save millions of lives.
  • The bombs shook Emperor Hirohito out of his "denial" and got him to go against the Japanese Military leaders to announce Japan's surrender.
  • It avoided another year or more of war and probably the near annihilation of the Japanese people.
  • It allowed President Truman to have a way to end the war quickly as the American people had been hounding the government to do.


  • It ushered in the age of nuclear weapons but also benefited the nation with nuclear energy which was clean and cheap.


  • It killed, maimed and burned over 70.000 people on the day it was dropped and another 30 to 50 thousand later from radiation sickness, cancer and burns.
  • It cost the US 2 Billion Dollars to develop the bomb.
  • It was one variable that started the Cold War with the Soviet Union.