What are the advantages and disadvantages of The dropping of Atomic bombs?

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Advantages: The Atomic Bomb stopped the war on 14th of August when Japan finally surrendered. This was necessary as the brutal war costed many lives from both sides. The end of the war saved a lot of money for the countries in war. Also Japan wouldn't surrender otherwise but to defeat US. They thought surrendering was a disgrace to the emperor. They prefered death over surrendering as they created kamikazes (suicide bombers) who weren't afraid of dying. Japan killed people in their army who surrendered. They saw the Potsdam Declaration a sign of weakness and knew US was desperate to end the war. So Japan was planning to end the war by a decisive strike so they could rule the world. The last surrender was 29 years after the war ended. This proved how much the Japanese despised surrendering. If the war continued on, it could lead to the defeat of US as the main army of Japan was barely harmed in the constant struggle between the two countries. Japanese treated Prisoners of War who were captured in Southeast Asia really badly. The prisoners of war were starved and buried alive. Also guards tied prisoners to bamboo to starve them to death. Prisoners were forced to kneel on glass carrying a heavy rock. US's bombing saved the prisoners of war and stopped their suffering. They intimidated and impressed many countries including Soviet Union and Japan. Truman didn't want Japan to become a communist country by Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union defeated Germany, they turned Germany, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania into communist countries. They were "ruling" the world. By dropping the bomb, they proved to Russia that they were in the lead. They spent $5 billion dollars in old money to develop the Atomic Bomb. Since they already spent the money for the Atomic Bomb, they used it. If they didn't use it the bomb would become a white elephant. Also war is really expensive to maintain and using something you already "bought" would save money. Truman proved taxpayers that the money was well spent. They haven't bombed Hiroshima before so bombing there would convey US was serious in bombing Japan. If they continued the war, many soldiers and resources of both sides would be used.
Disadvantages: 250,000 innocent people died in total from the two nuclear blasts. Anyone within a kilometer of the explosion became a bundle of smoking black charcoal within seconds. Others in close vicinity died from the 3000C blazing inferno created by the explosion. Those who were still alive writhed in agony from their burns. 70,000 of the 78,000 buildings were destroyed and caused falling debris killing and trapping people. The bombing of Hiroshima caused 70,000 deaths within minutes. People's eyes were melted by looking at the light from the bomb, they died quickly of blood loss. People suffering blood loss and injuries died in less than a week. Later sickness spread and killed many people in a few weeks. The people lucky enough to survive died of radiation sickness in a few months. US just massacred 250,000 innocent people just to defeat Japan. People think it was unnecessary, gruesome and inhumane. Adding to that, the bombs destroyed the land and the environment making the place uninhabitable. Also the wildlife was poisoned by radiation leaking into the soil and killed fish which was the Japanese's food source. Radiation caused a long lasting scar to the environment. Another disadvantage of the bombs was that radiation spreaded easily by the wind or the sea and polluted the sea and countries around Japan. Because of dropping the bomb, US now does not have a special unknown weapon to defend themselves as other countries have already produced nuclear bombs. If an accident happens, the world could break out into a nuclear war which would have an apocalyptic effect on the world, the environment and the population on earth by making it uninhabitable for all life.
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Advantages: The Atomic Bomb stopped the war on 14th ofAugust when Japan finally surrendered. This was necessary as thebrutal war costed many lives from both sides. The end of

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