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Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

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Q: Put in new fuel filter and car still will not start?
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Have a 1991 Toyota 4 runner that will not start have put new fuel pump and new injectors and it still wont start?

Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure the pump is running and the fuse is not blown or the relay is bad. Do you have fire, and do you have fuel pressure to the injectors?

99 suburban will not start Has new plugs wires and fuel filter It will start when you put gas in the intake if you kill the engine it will start up immediately but not if it sets?

fuel pump

Car will start if you put gas but just dies?

sounds like you need a fuel filter or fuel pump or both

Why does my 1989 2.2 turbo start ok idles ok put in gear still runs no power to pull away any suggestions?

try replacing the fuel filter

I have a 98 Catalac catera and put a new fuel pump on but it still stops on me what would cause this?

Did you replace the fuel filter as well? A plugged filter will cause the engine to stall.

How do you start a semi truck after running out of fuel?

Put some diesel fuel in the fuel filter before you start it - it'll save you a lot of trouble versus trying to manually prime the pump.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 Rodeo?

my 91 izuzu rodeo is not working i have replaced the fuel filter and its still not crancking if i put fuel injecter fluid on it it will cranck then shut off and i belive its the fuel filter how do i know if its my fuel filther and where is it located

Put in new fuel pump and filter on 1998 Chevy pickup still won't start What is keeping the pickup from starting?

if you just guessed that was the problem, that is where you went wrong. check for spark or fuel pressure to begin diagnosing your problem.

92 cavalier wont start put new fuel pump in still did not fix problem put fuel regulator on still no fix also put fuel rails and injectors on but still no fix What could be the problem?

Read the error codes for sensors problems.

How do you replace the fuel filter for a 1989 Buick Le Sabre?

To replace a fuel filter, locate the fuel pump relay and unplug it. Now, start the car and wait for it to die from lack of fuel. Then try to start it a few more times to make sure most of the fuel in the lines is gone. No, find the fuel filter and remove it via nessecary means. Be aware that some fuel will still come out when the lines are loosened and removed. Put the new filter on and tighten lines to spec, or use appropriate clips. Plug in the fuel pump relay again and turn the key on, then off a few times waiting 5 seconds before shutting it off and doing it again (without starting the engine). This will prim the fuel lines. Then start the engine and look at the filter while running to check for leaks.

Your 92 ford tempo wont start after you put in a new fuel pumpwhat else should you try?

Check for Fuel in tank. Check Fuel Filter. Check Fuel Fuses.

Should you have to bleed fuel lines before you change your fuel filter?

no that is not necesary you only put a piece of rubber to prove it works before you put the filter. If this work then you put the filter

Where is the fuel filter in a 2006 Chevy Tahoe?

The fuel filter is inside of the fuel tank. in 2004 chevy moved the filter from the frame rail and put it in the tank.

How to determine if fuel pump is working on 1988 Pontiac 6000.?

Get a can of throttle body cleaner.....spray throttle body cleaner into the throttle the blade and shoot some into the throttle body. Then try to start the car...if it starts, then you have a fuel delivery problem. Hook a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and just turn the key on and see what pressure you get. If no pressure then it is either your fuel pump OR a clogged fuel filter. You can then put a new fuel filter on, test the pressure again and if still no pressure, you are pretty much looking at the fuel pump. If you get fuel pressure at the fuel rail and it still won't start then you probably have an injector problem.

A 1996 Nissan Sentra has no fuel pressure does it have a fuel shut off and if so where is it located?

Check fuel pump fuse. If you have changed the fuel filter on a 2000, you might have forgotten to put the rubber grommet between new fuel filter and fuel pump (look at your old fuel filter). Check fuel pump fuse. If you have changed the fuel filter on a 2000, you might have forgotten to put the rubber grommet between new fuel filter and fuel pump (look at your old fuel filter). Check fuel pump fuse. If you have changed the fuel filter on a 2000, you might have forgotten to put the rubber grommet between new fuel filter and fuel pump (look at your old fuel filter).

Your 1997 suburban is not getting fuel you checked the fuel pump and it shoots fuel out the fuel filter you put a new fuel filter on the truck the truck will start with starting fluid please help?

You need to have the fuel pressure tested. The pump may seem to be working but not the required pressure needed.

When you start your 89 caprice classic it will idle fine until you put a load on it and then it dies what could that be?

It could be your fuel filter needs replaced or possibly your fuel pump itself is on its way out. I would try replacing the fuel filter first.

1993 Chevy 350 truck fuel injection cranks but doesn't always start then it will start but dies when you put it in gear will always start if you put gas directly into throttle body.?

change your fuel filter and test the fuel pressure. pump pressure 60 psi line pressure after the fuel regulator on TBI 11 TO 13 Psi.

Would an old fuel filter cause your car to stall out then start but die again when you put on the gas?


I put a new fuel filter and fuel pump in my 1992 buick lasabre and it still quits while your driving and running rough what is wrong?

Fuel pump sensor relay

Where is the fuel filter on a 2007 Tahoe?

In 2004 Chevy moved the fuel filter from the FRAME RAIL and put it in the FUEL TANK. That's crazy isn't it. You will have to drop the fuel tank down to service the fuel filter.

When i put a new fuel filter on but still don't run?

1948 dodge 3.8 flathead 6 run on the freeway my car stop i put a new fuel pump in or could be my coil

How do you get 2004 vw beetle started when out of gas?

I have found that on the diesel once you put fuel in the tank, you then have to put fuel in the fuel filter on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Once you do that then you can try to start the beetle. once it starts after a few tries you might want to open the drain cock on the bottom of the fuel filter to get all the air out of the line. This is how I did it. and it work for me.

Why does your 1989 Chevrolet caprice start up but stalls when it is put in gear?

check your fuel filter and also your spark plugs.

Your corvette will not start when you put gas in the carb then it will stay cranked for a min?

Sounds like a fuel pump or filter problem.