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Radio theft lock locked up when battery went dead how can you get the code to unlock it?


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AnswerWhat make and model car?

If it's a Delco radio (which it sounds like it is) go to and they'll be able to get the code for you in an hour or two. I used them last week and it went very smoothly.

answer to question1998 acura integra

You may have to go to a dealer. might be able to help you find your unlock code.


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The anti theft device in the radio locked it up. You will have to take back to dealer or garage that has a obd2 scan tool to unlock the radio.

If its like my need to reenter your secret code on the radio. usually after 3 hours of driving with the radio on, ( that's how my Volvo worked) Code comes from the dealer. I'd go to this website, they can get you the unlock code to your specific radio. Http://WWW.DELCOLOCKCODES.COM

You will have to take it to a dealer so they can reprogram it. They are locked due to a anti theft system that recognizes the vehicles VIN #.

It is the error you get when you have entered the wrong radio code three times. You need a code to unlock your radio if it has been disconnected from the battery i.e. if it was being stolen from your vehicle. Acura considers this an anti-theft device. It is the error you get when you have entered the wrong radio code three times. You need a code to unlock your radio if it has been disconnected from the battery i.e. if it was being stolen from your vehicle. Acura considers this an anti-theft device.

Many radios have an anti theft feature where if power is interrupted like when a new battery is installed the radio will be locked and will not work without an unlock code.The dealer can unlock it for you, and you might be able to find it on the web somewhere but i doubt it.The idea was for you to set the code when you got the car using the instructions in the owners manual, however nobody ever does.Thats why the second unit did not work either.

If it's the theft prevention code that's locked in then only a dealer can unlock it. Some cars have this code to prevent a thief from stealing them and reselling them on the markets.

You can not unlock the radio without the code. You can remove the radio and get the serial number from it and call the dealer for the unlock code.

the only way to unlock radio theft code is to go to dealer approx$100 to hook up master comp and reset

When I bought my '97 Blazer the Factory installed radio was locked. I had to take it to the dealership to have them plug it into a computer to find the "code". They wrote it down on a piece of paper and said to keep it safe. Every time the battery is discconected the radio will loose power and lock up again. Their version of an anti theft device. You could go to and get the code through them. There's a small fee but they seem to be able to get you the unlock code within an hour.

Nothing except the radio presets and the radio if it has theft deterrent.

By changing the battery, you erased your car's computer presets. Your car probably has an anti-theft radio, that locks when power is lost to it, and requires a factory security code to unlock it. The code might be in a section of the owner's manual, but if you cannot find it, you have to go to a new car dealership and have them reset the radio.

I have a 92 Honda accord with anti theft radio that needs a code when battery is disconnected. My code is 34444 if you have tried several codes that did not work you might need to disconnect your battery and reconnect battery again then try the code.

Just reset the radio presets and clock. If the radio has an anti-theft system you will need the code to get the radio to work again.

disconnect battery for 30 minutes,and then reconnect to reset

Look in the How-to Section at There is a thread addressing this issue

I assume you are referring to the radio? It has a four-digit security code that the owner can set. When the power to the radio is disconnected, (either because of battery removal/failure, or because the radio was removed) the radio will "lock" and the four-digit security code must be entered again to unlock the radio, before you will be able to use it again. If you do not know the security code, you will need to take the car to a GM dealership, and they will have to unlock it for you.

I bought this RDS Radio on Ebay and installed it in my 1999 Cadilac Deville. How do get the Anti-Theft unlocked so I can play it?

Pull the radio out and cut the little red wire going into the radio.Make sure battery is disconnected when you reconnect battery car will start.

Anti-theft radio's can be unlocked when a unique code in entered into them. There is a limited number of attempts allowed. If you enter your code incorrectly to many times you will have to wait a set amount of time to try again.Methods of entering security codes vary by manufacturersThe correct procedure will be shown in you vehicle radio manualIn order to unlock a radio with a code once it is locked is going to greatly depend on what type of radio/stereo that is trying to be unlocked. Try entering the code with the station presets.

You have to get a code to unlock the radio. this can be done at the dealership, or if you are smarter, you can find the info on the internet. this is a anti-theft fix for radios. At some point of time loosing total power to the radio caused the memory to default to factory and must be unlocked.

There is nothing to reset except the radio station presets and possibly radio code if the radio has a theft deterrent feature. Nothing else for you to do.

No, the factory radio is not an anti theft radio.

It's an anti-theft device used to lock out (disable) the radio in the event that it is stolen. You need the code to unlock it. The code is provided to the owner when purchased and should be with the original paperwork. If you can't find it, you may have to take the car in to a Jaguar dealer and have them unlock it. Good luck. When new Jaguar put the radio code on a sticker on the underside of the hood sometimes these were never removed, so look there for a four digit code

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