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The first step is to remove the tire. The rear brake drum will have what is known as a self-adjusting screw. This may need to be adjusted to pull the drum off, once you have the tire removed.

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Can slotted or drilled rotors be machined in a brake lathe

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Q: Remove the rear brake drum on a 2005 gmc sierra?
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How do you repair drum brake on 1994 gmc sierra?

Brake drums can be resurfaced by turning the brake drum in a brake drum lathe. When the brake drum has deep grooves in it, it cannot be repaired.

How do you remove brake drum on 1991 Mazda 323?

how do remove the brake drum on a 1991 mazda 323

How do you remove the brake drum from a 2005 Pontiac vibe?

How do you remove rear brake drum from a 1993 Toyota pickup?

How do you remove rear brake drum from a 1993 Toyota pickup?

How do you remove front brake drum on kawasaki mule 2500?

You can remove the front brake drum, on your Kawasaki Mule 2500, by removing the wheel and axle. The brake drum will slide off.

How do you remove rear brake drum on a ford ka?

how do you remove the drum the wheels are off

How do you remove rear brake drum on a 2004 suzuki XL-7?

how do you remove rear brake drum on a suzuki 2004 xl7

How to release brake pad from rear wheel drum?

If you're trying to remove the brake drum, be sure to NOT have the emergancy brake on. Remove the wheel and tap the drum with a rubber mallet until it releases, That's it!

How to remove brake drum on 2005 town and Country?

With parking brake off, they just pull off to remove, but may require a couple taps with hammer if it's been a while.

Remove a rusty rear brake drum on a 1975 corvette?

Better hope it is not a drum brake- it was originally equipped with a disc brake caliper.

How do you remove the rear brake drum from Kawasaki Bayou 220?

How to remove. 1988-1995 Kawasaki Klf Bayou 220 rear brake drum. 1. Remove the rear wheel 2. Pull the cover off the grove in the end of the brake drum. 3. Remove and discard the axle nut cotter pin. 4. Loosen and remove the axle nut and washer. 5. Slide the brake drum off the rear axle and remove it. Note: The brake drum should slide off the rear axle with little or no effort. If the brake drum is tight, Loose the brake adjuster. I hope this help's.

How do you remove rear brake drum from a 2003 Taurus?

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake pads and hardware. The drum should slide off. You may need to tap it with a hammer.

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