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Replacing a heater core isn't the worst job as many people make it out to be. Perhaps the most difficult part is that you have to be a contorsionist as you have to lay on your back on the passenger side floor. Right above where the passenger's feet would go is a panel. Use a nut driver to remove all the hex screws. I believe they are 7/16". Pull the panel off and then there is a black, pan-looking thing also held on by the same size hex screws. Remove all of them and the brace and pull the pan off. Look up there and you will see the heater core bigger than Dallas. You will have to disconnect the leads from under the hood then pull the thing out. I wouldn't even drain the radiator but you need to be careful not to have it leak all over. Put in the new core and rehook everything up. Run the engine up to temeperature with the heater and fan on full. Top off your collant and you are good to go. My difficulty rating on this job is 3 out of 10. Should take you around 2-3 hours at the most. VBdenny

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Q: Replace a 1989 Chevy Caprice heater core?
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