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Reset maintenance indicator 91 accord?


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2006-07-26 22:57:20
2006-07-26 22:57:20

Push your key into the little recessed button on the instrument panel right next to the maintenance indicator. Should turn green.


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The fuel pump on a 91 doesn't have a reset as far as I know the main fuel pump relay usually causes the problem a d replacement is about 60 dollars unless you can repair relay that takes 30 min If you have the know how

Physically it will fit in but the 91 had more indicator lights on it than the 88 did, the inflate/reset light for example for the airbag

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Fram Air Filters are the recommended brand for a 91 Honda Accord. The filters run about $14 and are available at any auto parts store.

The dash lights will not work on a 91 Honda Accord if the fuse or bulbs have blown. Inspecting and replacing the fuse is the first step to repairing this problem.

yes it should they are both 4th gen accords

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A 1991 Oldsmobile does not have a reset button.

Gm vehicles do not use ineria/reset switches.

the most comon problem in hondas are the distribuitor!!

if fails to start or it dies randomly.

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yes it does i own a white 91 accord and drained my tank just a week ago. it looks almost like the oil pan plug and is accesible easily from the drivers side

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4.5 quarts with oil/filter change.

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) moniters the speed of the vehicle.

look at your bulbs themselves ....most common problem is good old mother nature ruining the connection between the bulb and the connector...moisture is the common problem.wire brush and contact cleaner will do the trick

Problem with the transmission ECU. Don't confuse Engine Control Unit (ECU),with the Transmission Control Unit (TCU).The TCU is under the carpet of the passenger seat.Available on Ebay for less than 150.00

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