Should middle schools of the arts have sports?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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No, they shouldn't. You should focus more on your arts areas, not stupid things like football!

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Q: Should middle schools of the arts have sports?
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How many types of schools did the ancient Greeks have?

They had three different schools that focused on sports, general, and music/the arts.

Should you capitalize bachelor of arts in Middle Eastern languages?

It should only be used when it is used as a title. For example: He was studying for a bachelor of arts in middle eastern languages. VS John Smith, Bachelor of Arts [middle eastern languages does not require capitalization here]

What is aspire prepratory middle school?

Well, there are many middle schools called Aspire nation-wide. I go to Aspire Middle School for the Performing Arts in Lacey, WA.

What school offers hip hop dancing and art?

Where I live there are quite a lot of Charter performing arts schools but most of the normal middle and high schools offer them

What are the top arts schools?

Delhi collage of arts

What kinds of sports and arts did the Iroquois do?

they did Marshal arts

What has the author Susan Davis Lenski written?

Susan Davis Lenski has written: 'Language arts for gifted middle school students' -- subject(s): Language arts (Elementary), Gifted children, Education, Middle schools, Curricula 'Improving Reading'

What middle schools have magnet programs?

I don't know where you live, but I live in Montgomery AL and they have quite a few magnet schools like Baldwin Arts and Academic, Floyd, et cedera

Does the youth of today still appreciate theatre plays?

yes they do, there is many art middle schools and high schools that study theatrical plays and such

Do performing arts schools have a higher budget than other schools?

Performing Arts schools are usually private, so there are tuition costs from parents to spend.

What are the performing arts high schools in Chicago?

Chicago High School for the Arts and Chicago Academy for the Arts

What do you have to do get an scholarship for a performing arts high school?

You really need to go to that schools website. That should give you plenty of info.