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Sure. Either way. The wax ring seals the toilet to the closet flange so it doesn't really matter that much. The important part is that the toilet be mounted firmly to the floor so that it doesn't move. That would cause the wax ring to fail then the toilet would leak around the flange.

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How far should a toilet flange be from a tub?

15 inches from outside edge of tub to center of toilet flange.

Where is toilet flange measured to?

Center of the hole to the back wall behind the tank. Should be 12 inches.

Linen closet shelf height?

The average spacing of shelves in a linen closet is 15 inches apart. The width of the linen closet usually 36 inches.

What is the standard depth of hanging closet rods?

The standard depth of hanging closet rods is 24 inches. The standard width is usually between 72 to 96 inches. The closet height is generally 84 inches.

Standard closet size?

A standard closet is 27 inches front to back. It is also 40 inches wide from side to side.

Where do I put a closet rod inches?


How far from should a toilet sit from a wall?

Your toilet should be roughed in from finished wall to centre of outlet flange at 12 inches. This will keep the tank on most models about one inch from the wall.

Standard closet door size?

Because there are no building codes governing closet sizes, there is no such thing as a standard size closet door. There isn't even a standard style. Some are prehung, others are sliding doors and still others are bi-fold doors. Some common sizes for bi-fold style doors are 24 inches by 80 inches and 30 inches by 80 inches.

Distance from Toilet to back wall?

12 inches from finished back wall to center of toilet flange.

How do you replace a glued toilet flange?

PVC I assume. If you can get to the pipe, cut it and replace a short section along with the flange. There is a flat steel repair ring that could be screwed down on top of the flange. There are flat repair plates for cast iron flanges that might work. They are about 6 inches long, curved the same radius as the flange and slide under the old flange to give you some place for the anchor bolts to slide into.

How many gallons of water is needed to fill a tub that is 60 inches long 32 inches wide and 20 inches high?

Making allowances for the flange and curvature, it is about 120 Imperial gallons.

What is standard height of water closet seat in Singapore?

The stander height of water closet seat is 14 to 16 inches high. Wilson fink

Choosing A Closet System?

>How to Design a ClosetThe design of your closet is important because it will determine how much storage you have for clothing and other items that you want to use the closet for. There are several different closet organization systems to choose from.Some of the things that you can include in your closet that you might not have thought of include drawers, hooks that push into the wall and shelves. A closet system is whatever is attached to the doors and walls that make organization and function easy. Your closet system can be functional and decorative. You can have the closet system installed by a professional, or you can get the supplies and do the job yourself. You do need a design before you purchase the supplies and start building.Before you purchase the hardware to be used in your closet, you need to do research on the company. Find out how long the company has been in business, if there are any complaints against the products that the company sells and if there are any warranties on the items sold. Look at how each system works to determine what kind of system you need for the closets in your home. A child's closet would need a different system than one for an adult. A good closet system will have shelves that are at least 14 inches deep. This is the depth of a folded sweater. The width should be about 12 inches. This measurement is the width of a folded sweater. If you have shelves that are smaller than this, the clothes that you lay on the shelves could get wrinkled.Shelves should be no more than 12 inches in height. This will prevent items on the shelf from falling over. You also need about 24 inches of space from the front of the closet to the wall to hang your clothing. After you have decided on a closet brand, you need to make a plan on how you want your closet to look. Remember to keep items that are used the most in a central space. However, you need to think about the proportions of the system so that it looks balanced after it is installed.

What is the capacity of a closet shelf?

To get the capacity (area) of a closet shelf, multiply the length of the shelf by the width of the shelf. Make sure that that both measurements are in the same units. i.e. bithe should be in inches, or feet, or centimeters. If you use different measurements, the resulting value will be wrong.

What is higher 3 feet or 32 inches?

3 ft. = 36 inches 36 inches high is surely higher than 32 inches.

How many inches from the wall is the center of the flange for a toilet install?

most toilets are set for a 12" inch rough in, that means before sheet rock and against a wood framed wall you would set your toilet flange 12 inches to the center of the flange to the edge of the wall and if you have something in your way like a floor joist or other you can buy a 10" rough in toilet or you can use a offset toilet flange which will offset your drain pipe from your flange to about 2 inches any direction and if you are setting a flange before a concrete floor I would measure 12.5 inches just to be safe from concrete workers etc hitting your pipes.The rough for a toilet can be 10" - 12" and 14"Depending on the type of toilet installed .. for example a wall hung tank normally would be a 14" rough becvause of the 2" slip ell supply from the Douglas vavleCertain Flushometer top spud require less then a back inlet bowl for finish

What is the standard closet width?

There really is no standard width, but a standard depth of the non-walk-in variety is 24 inches. Most closet doors are in increments of one foot.

Can you put in sliding closet doors that are 78 wide in a closet that has an opening of 70?

If the frame already exists-- yes you can-- but each of your sliding panels will be slightly larger than 23 inches wide. There are companies who manufacture custom sliding closet doors just "Google" Sliding Closet Doors.

Distance between closet rod and shelf?

Minimum of 2 inches, more than that is your choice.

How do you fix Loose toilet?

You might just need to tighten the bolts holding it down, but probably either one of them has broken or the floor flange broke. If tightening the nuts holding the toilet down doesn't help, you will have to move the toilet so you can look at the floor flange. If the flange is broke where the bolt goes, there are a couple of ways to repair it. There is a crescent shaped piece about 4 inches long that goes under the old flange and gives you a new place for the bolt to catch or a complete steel ring can be installed over the old flange.

Distance to the center of toilet flange to back wall?

12 inches standard, 10 & 14 works, need to specify 10,12, or 14 when buying toilet.

What is higher 5ft tall or 61 inches tall?

61 inches is taller 5 feet is only 60 inches.

What thread size and length of stud bolts for 4 inches 150RF flange?

You will need 8 bolts with 5/8" diameter, and 3 1/2" in lenght.

Sam is framing a closet under a stairway. The stairway is 15 ft 55 in. long and its angle of elevation is 39 degrees. Find the depth of the closet to the nearest inch.?

15 ft 55 in = 19 ft 7 in.The closet is 12 ft 4 inches deep.

How high above a closet rod should the shelf be placed?

Around two inches. Do yourself a favor if possible. Buy the combination shelf and rod bracket. One piece bracket, easy to install, just hit the stud.