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Should you attempt to replace the water pump yourself if you are not sure it is what is making the noise and it is not leaking?


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2008-02-10 16:08:05
2008-02-10 16:08:05

If you feel comfortable doing it then yes, go ahead. This may take care of the problem or you may find the actual problem while doing it. At the very least you will eliminate one possibility from the list. Sounds like the pump may be old anyway if you suspect it so go for it.


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This is a potentially dangerous repair. Do not attempt this yourself. This should only be done by a qualified tech.

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If a transmission is leaking fluid, it is likely that a seal or gasket has failed. Replace the gaskets and seals and the leaking should stop.

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You should replace the water pump on a 1999 Toyota Avalon when it becomes worn out. You can also replace it when it begins leaking.

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