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There is no point in changing it.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-23 10:09:28
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Q: Should you change the speedometer if you get a better engine?
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How do you change a speedometer cable on 400 small block engine?

? The speedometer cable attaches to the transmission, not the engine. Please try again with more info.

Should you change Toyota engine 1300CC 12 valve carburetor to 1300CC 16valve EFI engine for better performance?

Yes of why should complete change your 12 valve 1300 cc engine to 16 valve 1300 cc EFI Engine for better performance and less fuel,GAS consumption.

How do you remove 1997 sable speedometer sensor?

Is it a 12 valve engine or 24 valve? What do you mean by speedometer sensor? Do you mean Vehicle speed sensor? If so why do you want to change that?

What is the top speed of a 1971 nova with a 350 engine?

It should bury the speedometer depending on the gear ratio.

What would cause the speedometer in a BMW 325 to not work until the engine warms up?

the speedometer switch is located at the rear of the diferential, remove wires clean and refit, that should cure it.

What would cause the speedometer to stop operating and the trans to shift poorly on a 1998 Concorde Also the check engine came on at the same time?

change the speed sensor and that should fix both of your problems

Where is the speedometer sensor on a Toyota Celica?

If memory serves me correctly the speedometer is driven by a gear which is on the transmission, looking down from the top of the engine (below the airbox) should be a 2 wire sensor which is screwed into the transmission case.

When should you change engine mountings?

When they are broken.

Can you change the gauge cluster on a 1995 ford explorer with one from a 1997 to 2000 model if the engine cylinders are matched ie 6-cylinder have vin code x engine sohc 4.0l?

On your 1995 Ford Explorer you have a conventional speedometer cable driven speedometer , 1996 and newer Explorers have an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor according to my Haynes repair manual

How do you change the speedometer cable on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

The 1987 Chevy Celebrity uses an electronic speedometer, there is no speedometer cable. Assuming your speedometer has failed here are some possible causes: The VSS. vehicle speed sensor, may have failed. The speedometer may have failed. The ECM, engine control module aka computer, may have failed. There may be wiring issues such as unplugged, dirty connections, broken wires, etc.

When do you change the timing chain in a 2001 Chrysler town and country?

The timing chain does not have a recommended change interval and should last for the life of the engine.The timing chain does not have a recommended change interval and should last for the life of the engine.

Can running smaller tires cause check engine light to come on?

Smaller tires should not cause the check engine light to come on. Smaller tires will cause the speedometer to be off.

I have a 1995 Nissan and my check engine light comes on and my speedometer works some of the time. How can I fix this?

for the check engine light go to autozone and they will diagnose your engine for free as for the speedometer you will proobably have to replace the speed sensor

How do you install a speedometer in a 78 Chevy Nova with a 350 engine?

There should be a cable that screws in the back of the speedo and into the transmission, the motor size has nothing to do with it.

Your jeep liberty has a check engine light on and the speedometer is at zero when you drive what do you do to fix it?

Take it to Autozone and have it read the codes if it is OBD2 (1996 and newer) if not to see if the check engine light is related to the speedometer problem disconnect the negative battery cable and hold the brake down for about a minute. This should turn the check engine light off. If it does drive it to see if the speedometer works. If it does they are related somehow, if it still doesn't then it must be two separate problems.

Speedometer is not working 1995 Eagle Talon?

check your speedometer sensor located back left of engine bay on top of the transmission

Your speedometer on your 1995 Dodge caravan stopped working how do you find the cable to replace it?

There is no speedometer cable on a 1995 caravan. it is done by a speed sensor on the transmission and digtal data is sent to the computer and the computer then sends the signal to the speedometer. This is the case even when the speedometer looks analog. Likely a bad speedometer is the cause if it does not move as the speed sensor is used for other functions and would trip the "check engine" light if it was bad. the speedometer is part of the instrument cluster and likely you would need to change the whole thing.

Why when you had the transmission replaced on a 1992 Dodge Caravan would the mechanic say he could not figure out how to hook up the speedometer?

if he doesnt know how then he must not be a very good mechanic, i have a 92 Spirit, same engine and trans as your caravan, that's if your packing the 2.5L engine... the speedsensor in the back should have the speedometer built

My check engine light came on and speedometer stopped working?

Nope, bet it was the other way around... Your speedometer stopped working and your check engine light came on. A broken speedometer (don't know what car so I can't pinpoint it) will cause a whole bunch of codes.

Where does the speedometer cable hook to on a Honda Accord?

The speedometer cable hooks up to the engine in a Honda Accord. This is how the vehicle is able to calculate speed.

Speedometer on 06 polaris 500 efi doesn't work any ideas?

try checking the connection between the speedometer and the engine or wheels

Why does your speedometer and odometer not work on your 97 Toyota Camry?

the speedometer on my 97 toyota camary stopped working and the check engine light came on why

When do you change a timing chain in a 3.8l v-6 2003 dodge?

It should last the life of the engine.It should last the life of the engine.

Your speedometer went down to 0 whilst the car was still moving so you pressed on the accelerator a bit more and it went back to 60MPH after about 2 seconds Would this be a problem with your engine?

This is a problem with the speedometer, not with the engine.

Why would all gauges work except speedometer on 2004 buick lasbre?

Do you have check engine light? If not you have an electrical problem within the speedometer assembly.