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Should you change the speedometer if you get a better engine?


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2004-08-23 10:09:28
2004-08-23 10:09:28

There is no point in changing it.


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? The speedometer cable attaches to the transmission, not the engine. Please try again with more info.

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Yes of why should complete change your 12 valve 1300 cc engine to 16 valve 1300 cc EFI Engine for better performance and less fuel,GAS consumption.

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Is it a 12 valve engine or 24 valve? What do you mean by speedometer sensor? Do you mean Vehicle speed sensor? If so why do you want to change that?

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It should bury the speedometer depending on the gear ratio.

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the speedometer switch is located at the rear of the diferential, remove wires clean and refit, that should cure it.

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