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Most definetely!! If you love your husband, you should not keep something as important as this from him. If you don't tell him now, it is only a matter or time, days, weeks, years, until he does find out. And when he does, your relationship will most likely be over, if he doesn't hear it from you. I think before you go blundering into this one you should consult a counselor about this. This is an extremely tricky problem and this could ruin your relationship. Many problems can arise from this if you don't handle it well.

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Q: Should you tell your husband that he is not the father of your child?
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Should you tell your husband he is not the father of your child after 12 years of being a father?

How dare you even think of cheating on your husband and not telling him. i want you to tell him now as you disgust me. spit on you. Full Stop

Should you tell him he's the father of your child?

Yes, I'd say the father has the right to know who his child is (should it be true of course).

Wife has an affair and gets pregnant tells her husband and the husband is wanting to work it out with the wife. Should they get a paternity test and should they file for child support?

If the man she had the affair with wants to know if it is his child then yes, a paternity test should be done. This will tell whether the husband or the man she had the affair with is the father. If the father of the child wants to be part of his child's life then arrangements should be made for visitation rights, but, he should agree to help support his own child even if she stays with her husband. He might agree to be called 'uncle' so the child will not know that is his biological father This is a difficult situation and it will take the three of you to agree as to what will happen tin the future. It is quite possible that the man she had the affair with my not want anything to do with the child. If the wife and husband feel they can work it out in their marriage they should certainly try.

Why does my husband not want me to know his children?

some are shy to tell u about their or his child but if the child belongs to u too then they should tell u about it.

What happens when a wife cheats on her husband and gets pregnant?

Hopefully you had sex with your husband on, or about the time that you conceived. Tell your husband the happy news that he is about to be a father. He will raise the child as his own. And for goodness sake be more careful next time.

My child is getting hurt due two my husband took of with my best mate and she has two kids what do i do?

so your child is emotionaly hurt because your husband took off with your best mate and the best mate has two kids. well how does your child show she or he is hurt? was he a good father and husband? when you answer these questions i will tell you what i think.

Can you get in trouble if you leave your husband and have a baby together and don t tell him where you are?

Yes, you could get into legal trouble if you have a baby together and do not tell your husband where you are. If your husband does not abuse you or control you or harm you in any way he does deserve to be part of your child's life so seek legal counsel and get joint custody as long as your husband is not into drugs; a gang; an alcoholic and would be considered a fit father to the child.

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If she is a true friend, you should not tell her husband that she is cheating. You should do everything you can to help her keep it a secret from her husband, including lying for her. Real friends are a rarity.

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