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Cramps, headaches, pains in foot or any body part, diarrhea white discharge in underwear. and more i don't even know yet

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Q: Signs of when you are getting ready for first period?
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Why do you spot before your period?

Well,with some people,if you haven't had your first period yet,it could be a sign of it coming on.also,others signs of you getting ready to start a first period is the breasts getting bigger.

What are signs that your female guppy is ready to mate?

when she starts getting her period regularly

Why does your period spots before it comes?

It stops because it your bodys way of getting ready for your period so it means you are very close to getting it also if your back or lower stomach hurt those are also signs that you are very close to getting your period

Are Missed period and burping signs of pregnancy?

A missed period is the classic sign of pregnancy (by not 100 % accurate), but by the time pregnancy causes burping you're getting ready for delivery.

When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.

What three signs were noted that suggested that the hunters were getting ready to leave in the island of the blue dolphins?

You bro

Why do you get period pain after period?

It is because your vaginal wall is spreading apart and is getting ready for the cycle to start again.

If you have all the signs of your period and you are 12 why haven't you started your period yet?

A minority of girls are only getting their period when they are 15 or 16. You are only 12 give it some time, don't worry when your body is ready you will get your period. If I could, I would never have my menstruation (period) it is very inconvenient and it is more trouble than anything else.

I'm 39 weeks and getting bad period pains what does it mean?

Your body is getting ready to have the baby. Maybe your in labor.

Can you still have period pains but with out having periods?

yes if your having these your most likely having sex in the midst or getting ready to have a period

What can get you to have your period faster for the first time?

Nothing. It will happen when your body is ready.

Is there something wrong with you if you have bloody discharge?

That depends. Are you pregnant or are you getting ready to start your period? It depends.

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