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Cramps, headaches, pains in foot or any body part, diarrhea white discharge in underwear. and more i don't even know yet

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Q: Signs of when you are getting ready for first period?
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Why do you spot before your period?

Well,with some people,if you haven't had your first period yet,it could be a sign of it coming on.also,others signs of you getting ready to start a first period is the breasts getting bigger.

What are signs that your female guppy is ready to mate?

when she starts getting her period regularly

Why does your period spots before it comes?

It stops because it your bodys way of getting ready for your period so it means you are very close to getting it also if your back or lower stomach hurt those are also signs that you are very close to getting your period

Are Missed period and burping signs of pregnancy?

A missed period is the classic sign of pregnancy (by not 100 % accurate), but by the time pregnancy causes burping you're getting ready for delivery.

When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.

If you have all the signs of your period and you are 12 why haven't you started your period yet?

A minority of girls are only getting their period when they are 15 or 16. You are only 12 give it some time, don't worry when your body is ready you will get your period. If I could, I would never have my menstruation (period) it is very inconvenient and it is more trouble than anything else.

Why do you get period pain after period?

It is because your vaginal wall is spreading apart and is getting ready for the cycle to start again.

I'm 39 weeks and getting bad period pains what does it mean?

Your body is getting ready to have the baby. Maybe your in labor.

Can you still have period pains but with out having periods?

yes if your having these your most likely having sex in the midst or getting ready to have a period

What can get you to have your period faster for the first time?

Nothing. It will happen when your body is ready.

Why do you get a period?

When you get your first period that is the first sign that your body is getting prepared. They are getting ready for a pregnancy. That is not saying that you are pregnant, it's just saying that it's ready. Before you get your period, you cannot get pregnant. There have been cases where girls have gotten pregnant before their first period because they were about to have their period. That is why during pregnancy you do not have your period. You can gave spotting, but that's something different. The blood that is usually taken out of your body is used for the baby you are carrying. That is the reason guys don't get their period. They don't carry the baby... I get pirods when you are mturing into a woman and at first it is not regular but by the end of the first or second year it becomes regular. it may be scary at fist but it is nothing to worry about all girls get it so talk to a friend about it if you are scared it really is not nothing to worry about...really.

Is there something wrong with you if you have bloody discharge?

That depends. Are you pregnant or are you getting ready to start your period? It depends.

Your 12 and haven't started your period is this ok what are the signs that you will start?

this is totally fine dont worry there are girls that are 16 and havent got their period... everybody is different.... just wait and your period will come when your body is ready

Where does puberty usually start at?

Mostly when you feel like your underwear is getting wet a lot. If that's happens you might want to start getting ready for your period. It happens all the time. Even the first few days when your not on your period you'll start getting cramps in your stomach! Don't worry your just turning into a woman!

How can you convince your Mom to get you pads for your first period?

Well, if you haven't had your period yet but you have been getting cramps and think you will get it soon. Just talk to your Mum and say "Mum, I think I should keep some pads with me so when i get my periods I will be ready".

Cramping but no period?

That's perfectly normal! It coil mean that your getting ready to start. Or it could be tummy troubles

What foods make your first period come faster?

None ! Your first period will arrive when your own body has decided it's ready for childbirth ! There's nothing you can do to change when that will happen.

What does it mean if you have frequent urination your moody and cramping and your period is not due for a week and a half you never get cramps before your period only a day or two into having it?

You May Just Be Getting Premenstrual Symptoms , your body getting ready for your period . the female body is complex symptoms for your period arriving may change all the time , for example with you cramping before . it can also occur from too rough of sex(the cramping) but if you are having unprotected sex , sex period , you may want to.check in with your doctor because it can.also be a possibility those are early signs of pregnancy.

Is spotting on the day of your period a sign of pregnancy?

Well probably not, if you are spotting the day of your period it is probably just your body slowly getting ready for you period. If you do not have a usually period and you only continue to spot, then yes, that could be implantation bleeding.

Could you be pregnant if period is a day late you have breast tenderness and light cramping?

If you have had sex, then you can be pregnant. However, it sounds more like your body is getting ready to start your period.

Can you get pregnant while your body is getting ready for your period but before the period starts?

Yes. Bodies aren't clockwork, and relying on rhythm methods and counting days is notoriousl unreliable.

Are there eating process signs a hamster is giving birth?

When a hamster is getting ready to give birth, she will likely refuse food. She will make a nest, and will not want to leave it.

How old are you when you first start your period?

between12 and 15 so ya u will get it when you body s ready

Is there a way to start your first period?

no there is no possible way to start your periods. When your body is ready to start them that is when you will start them

Why do you stay hungry on your period?

As women we are emotional eaters. During your period, there is a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance is because your body is getting ready to be pregnant. And you have your period to get rid of the "equiptment" your body has made to get ready for child bearing. So as your hormones are going crazy, you want to eat. Hormones cause heightened emotions and there for you are more likely to eat a lot during your period.