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I pull the oil pan drain plug first and let it drain overnight, letting gravity try to pull as much as possible out of the filter but some have checkvalves that keep the oil in the filter. Overnight draining sometimes takes some of the mess away but you won't get by without some spillage. Engineers put the oil filter in all kinds of odd angles since space is so tight on cars nowadays. The old days we used to fill the new filter up with fresh oil before we screwed it on. Nowadays I try to get a little bit in it, on the rubber seal and then hoepfully catch the threads fast and not spill any. I do not own an Avalon but I have had Honda's and Toyotas and even my Tahoe the oil filter is mounted sideways. Grab the rags, the drain pan, a wrench and realize the job will be done right when you are through, mess or no mess. Additional information: Thanks for the help. I posted the original question and I solved my problem: After draining the oil, and with the oil plug still open, I took a hammer and nail and carefully punched a small hole in the top rear (12 oclock on the filter bottom) of the oil filter and let it drain into the block and out into the pan overnight. Today when I removed the oil filter, there wasn't a drop of oil left in the oil filter! (But I did make a mess attempting to pour the 5 quart container of Mobil 1 into the funnel.) Another Method: Drain the oil as normal. Replace the drain plug loosely. Start engine and let it idle until the Oil Pressure Warning Light illuminates. Stop the motor immediately!!! The filter will now be empty and not make a mess. I've been doing this 30 years on all my vehicles and never damaged a motor. Current Avalon has 275,000 miles, been changing this way all the time. Just be SURE you stop motor on oil pressure loss...

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