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Son has 92 olds achieve 3300 is stuck in area with No elec. diagnostic shop the car starts and runs fine till the engine heats up Then dies and will not start for 15 mins during this time no spark?


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possible ignition module

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If a check engine light is appearing when the car starts then the ECU is receiving an alert from somewhere in the engine. The computer should receive a diagnostic test which will provide an answer as to why the check engine light appeared on the 1997 Honda Civic.

If you have fixed the problem, it will likely reset itself after about 20 engine starts. Also, the local oil change/inspection station may do it for free. It takes a diagnostic reader to do it.

A bad relay switch could be the culprit if dash lights remain on after engine starts in a Toyota. Cold weather can also cause these lights to stay on after the engine starts.

The one that never starts its engine.

that the engine has nitro power which goes to the engine. when the engine receives the signal the engine starts to work

if you hear a rattle during starting then its a dephaser pulley which will require removal of the cam belt (expensive)

It's probably the belt slipping. Check for belt tension. When an engine first starts the alternator works harder to recharge the battery. During that time, the alternator is harder to turn and if the belt isn't tight enough there can be some slipping between the belt and the pulley.

The "plug" powers an coolant heater. A diesel engine starts easier if the engine is warm.

The solenoid activates the contact when the ignition key is on which inturn turn the engine then starts the engine.

Oil pressure shouldn't register at all until the engine starts and builds up pressure.

Drive at a steady speed with no jackrabbit starts. Keep your tires properly inflated and maintain your engine. A vehicle with properly maintained engine and properly inflated tires requires only about 7% of the power to needed to achieve it to maintain a given speed.

The engine starts it and the weight moves it

The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.

After 50.000 miles or so. Also if the car starts to use more fuel than is normal, or if the engine starts to lose power or if the engine starts to get too noisy.

renault kangoo starts up and then cut out

Sounds like a loose or worn belt, alternator or fan tends to do that when they get worn or loose.

If the injectors on a 1991 Honda Accord are working well than proceed to check the main relay and fuel filter. Replace the components if they are worn and check the engine with a diagnostic test.

If the key is in the on position and the engine is not running, the fuel pump is off. If the engine is running then the fuel pump is also. During the start cycle the pump will only run for 3 seconds unless the engine starts.

!f it is engine drivin the engine does. If it electrical it turns on at a programmed tempeture.

Starts the engine. Turns on lights and radio.

mitsubishi lancers have numerous engine sizes depending on the engine model. Usually starts from 1.3L to 2.0L

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If it starts good when the engine is cold but starts hard when engine is warm and hesitates, check or change the water temp sending unit. Hope this helps.

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