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Starter just clicks on 350 Chevy motor?


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Check your battery to see if it is fully charged and your wires are clean and tight. If so, you probably need a solonoid.

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It will probably be your starter motor Starter is out!

if the battery and battery conections are good, then you need to replace the starter motor

Typically this signifies that your starter motor has either jammed, or is faulty. To check that it has not jammed, give it a whack on the end with a small hammer, or fairly large wrench. If that does the trick, then the starter motor was jammed, if not, you need a replacement starter motor.

It is mounted on the starter motor itself. When you get another starter, it will have the solenoid mounted on it already. If it is bad, just replace the starter, I would not change just the solenoid.

Sounds like it could be your battery, it might just need a jump. If not try banging your starter alittle with a hammer.

Weak battery or bad starter solenoid. Possibly a bad battery cable or corroded connection.

Proper battery connections could be at fault, how old is your battery? Check for loose and corroded terminals on your battery and starter connections. Also the starter might just be bad.

It is located in the front of the motor just above the starter.

i might be wrong but it could be the 'bendex'. this is the part of the starter motor that disengages it after the engine turns on. it might not be fully disengaged from the previous trip. sometimes all that is needed to get it to go is to rock the car foreward or back a little. hope that helps.

I just replaced the starter motor on my 1990 4 cylinder engine Chevy Lumina. The starter is located in front of the oil pan. It was reachable and can be seen from under the front of the car a little to the right. You have to remove a three bolt attached plastic part by the oil pan to be able to get to one of the starter motor bolts. Good luck.

Flat battery or sticky starter motor / solenoid - try re-charging battery or get a jump start Flat battery or sticky starter motor / solenoid - try re-charging battery or get a jump start

there is either a bad connection to the solenoid or the solenoid itself is bad

Likely low battery- the click is the starter solenoid trying to pull in, but not enough current to turn the starter motor. If it will start with a jump, either battery or charging system needs attention.

starter, starter relay, battery, high resistance in batter/starter cabels just a few things that will cause this.

A no start condition where the starter just clicks.

if it wont turn over at all you need a starter

If your battery is good but the starter motor just clicks instead of turning over it is bad, OR it turns over weakly or turns over and starts clicking then it is bad. If it turns over strongly and sounds OK then it is OK.

Clicking can mean a loose connection between battery and starter. Follow wire to starter and clean/tighten connector at starter.

First check both connections at the battery and if connections are good then it would be a faulty starter solenoid.ANS 2 - If it clicks that's usually a sign the solenoid IS working, but voltage is not getting to the starter. This can be a loose or oily connection at the starter, a worn or ineffective Bendix spring, or a burnt out starter. Even a starter not making good ground to the engine block can cause this symptom.

It is on the passenger side low on motor. Just follow the red cable down from the battery and it will lead you to it. Mark

if you have a moveable pole starter the solenoid is not attached to it therefore the problem could be a shorted starter could also be a bad ground to the solenoid.if you remove the starter again bench tested first to make sure it works.(it will save you time) just connect a battery to it.(make sure that + and - are in the right place .)also check your battery connections

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