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Q: Starter working fine. Why does my vehicle take a long time to start?
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My car won't start the battery seems fine the fan and belts are working but the car will not turn over?

Maybe try the starter or the clyinide. Hope I could help.

1999 Chevy Tahoe replace the starter now the starter will only click it was working fine last night?

take it back to whomever put the starter on and tell them to fix it....

1987 Jeep Wrangler won't start no crank no power battery is new and good alternator is working fine and so does starter and distributer can anyone help?

check alarm if you have old one

2003 BMW 330ci all the lights turn on everything seems fine but when you crank to start it nothing happens was working fine before you left on a trip any ideas what it could be?

battery low on charge, or the battery is bad, or a faulty starter, just google, how to change starter on E46. for instructions ( written by me ) and you will find them.

1990 Mercedes 190e and it was working fine and then out of no where the car wont start all you here is a clicking noise and the power goes out to the car help?

Check your battery connections. If the terminals are good then check the starter.

Why ford escort lx 97 2.0 just tic-but if i weit 3 minutes start fine?

The starter is grounding out internally. Replace the starter.

1999 Saturn wont start just a clicking noise and battires are fine?

Either your starter or ignition..

My remote broke and alarm is set it has starter kill how do i disarm the alarm?

On most vehicles, if the key is used to unlock the vehicle after the alarm is set, the alarm will sound as soon as the key turns in the lock. To shut the alarm off in most cases, insert the key into the ignition and start the vehicle. If the starter kill stops the engine, just restart the engine and it should be fine.

When you start your 1999 caravan you only get a single clicking sound the engine doesn't turn over. The battery is fine. What is the cause the starter?

check the solenoid, and the starter.

Hi Why would your 94 Tracker start fine cold but after it has been started it is very difficult to start again?

It could be a bad starter

Why will a 2001 grand am not crank it ran fine yesterday and you can hear the fuel pump working?

ur battery or starter needs to be replaced

1991 gmc van that will not start the battery is fine and the fuel pump turns on with the key and the battery but it just doesnt even engage the starter could the starter or ignition be out?

Most often it is the starter and not the ignition.

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