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Swimming pool plumbing Can i run 2 separate pumps 1 for filter and 1 for heater?

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By running a swperate pump dedicated to the heater could cause the heater to shut down because to too much volumn of water is passing thru it. The heaters are designed to function with a certain amount of GPM. Exceeding the manufacturer's specs or even diminishing them to nearly nothing will automatically shut the heater down. There are also other technical reasons for not doing what you imply.

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Where is the heater core valve on a 1997 chrysler cirrus?

It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.It does not have a water flow valve in the heater plumbing.

Are there combination heater and coolers for in ground swimming pools on the market?

There are no combination heater/cooler units that we are aware of. The would have to be separate units.

Will normal chlorine levels in a swimming pool damage copper piping in a pool heater?

"normal" levels of chlorine don't damage plumbing. However abnormal levels of pH will.

Can a lazy spa heater heat my swimming pool?

no you need a stronger heater specifically designed for a swimming pool

Do you know what the problem might be if a swimming pool drains when the filter is on?

Backwash valve is leaking by. More than likely it is a bad oring inside the valve. Or it was not place back into recirc mode completely. or you may have a leak on the return side of the filter. That includes all the plumbing from the filter or heater to the pool. The back wash valve may be obvious if the waste line ends close by. The back wash valve should be placed in the "filter" mode not the "recirculation" mode. K

How can you tell if you have a gas or electric water heater?

Read the label. A gas heater will have three plumbing pipes connected.One is a gas supply. An electric heater will only have two plumbing pipes but it will have an electical conduit or electrical wire feed line.

How often does a swimming pool heater need servicing, on average?

The swimming pool heater service usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. This of course can change if you have a larger heater.

Where can a hot water heater be purchased?

The plumbing in my house needs replacing. Which is the best hot water heater on the market?

Where is the heater filter in the 1989 ford lariat?

It does not have a cabin filter.

What is the best natural gas swimming pool heater?

What i s the best pool heater

Where can I buy a swimming pool heater in the Burlington, Vermont metropolitan area?

You can buy a swimming pool heater in the Burlington, Vermont are at Leslie's Pool Supplies. They have a great selection.

What plumbing supply house sells rheem tankless hot water heater?

General Plumbing Supply. Check with Rheem, all makers have specific dealers

Does a blocked pollen filter affect heater blower?

Yes, a dirty cabin/pollen filter will restrict the ac/heater fan output.

Can you place the salt chlorinator prefilter or does it have to go after the filter?

preferred after the filter and the heater.

Where is heater motor on Ford Fiesta?

Under the bonnet, under the heater motor filter. It's difficult to get to and requires removing the filter unit. Mk4

Should an ingound pool filter be run at the same time as a pool heater or can you just run the heater alone?

Heaters are usually plumbed in after the filter. The pool filter/pump is what circulates the heated water. Ans: The heater will not work or fire if the pump is not running.

What should the pressure gauge read for your swimming pool?

The pressure gage on you rswimming pool FILTER should be around 8 to 12#'s. There is no pressure gage on or in a swimming pool. The pressure gage would be on the top of your filter .. . that's the large tank with up to 2" pipes plumbed into it, located next to the heater and the pump - the small pot with a motor attached to it.

How do you select a replacement pool filter?

You should know the following: Size and type of old filter; what type of filter are you considering; size of pool - gallons of water; size and type (copper or PVC) of plumbing lines and how long is the run ( you have to figure in the hydraulics); horse power rating of pump - age and style of pump; does pool have a heater - BTU's. And do you have room for the new filter when the old one comes out? Ken

Is it ok to keep the swimming pool heater running after you shock it?


Does evaporation cool a swimming pool?

Unless you leave the heater on, Yes

Where get dip tube for water heater?

look online or go to a handware store or plumbing store just make sure you get the right one for your brand water heater.

Where is the heater control valve on a 2003 dodge durango?

A Dodge Durango does not have a water control valve in the heater plumbing. The cabin temperature is controlled with airflow control doors.

Trouble shoot a Teledyne Series 2 swimming pool heater sequences correctly flame comes on but then three seconds later it goes out then it will recycle again and again what component is malfunctioning?

Have you cleaned the filter lately?

What will cause a swimming pool heater to turn on for approx one minute then will turn off for approx one minute never allowing heating of the pool new pressure switch was installed?

Have you cleaned the filter? Ken

The gas heater for the swimming pool won't turn on?

Call a swimming pool tech to trouble shoot then show you how everything works.

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