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THE air conditioning compressor on my 90 corvette shuts off after running a few seconds any ideas whats wrong?


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2006-07-09 21:19:36
2006-07-09 21:19:36

The refrigerant level is probably low. When the compressor turns on it pulls refrigerant from the low side and as soon as the low side pressure drops below a certain point, the sensor disengages the AC clutch. If you haven't already converted your AC to 134A, now would be a good time. All vehicle AC compressors leak a little refrigerant, simply because of the design of the system. The system may not have any serious problems even though it has lost a little pressure.


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There are several things that can cause your air conditioning compressor to turn off after five seconds. The most common cause is a lack of Freon pressure. Check your air conditioning hoses for a leak.

Bad low pressure switch or low on freon if in AC mode, If in Defroster mode the AC comp cycles off and on the prevent to hot of air hitting a frozen windshield to prevent cracking

Compressor is having trouble starting and is failing on the overtemp protector in the motor. Could be the capacitor or the compressor itself is bad.

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Most likely there is a freon leak or it is empty of freon. If this is not the case then you probably have to replace a sensor that is overloadingas soon as power reaches it.( this usually happens in 2-5 seconds)

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