The 8 countries who invaded China?

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I think you are asking about the invasion of the Eight Power Allied Forces on September 7, 1901. The 8 countries were Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Austria and Italy.

China has been invaded by numerous countries. The Tatars invaded China, The Tibetans invaded China, Vietnam invaded China in 1075, The Manchu Tribes invaded in 1644, The French and British invaded in 1856. In addition they were invaded by Japan in 1895, 1931, and 1937. The previous answer is also correct.
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Why did japan invade China?

To acquire resources, mainly manpower. Japan occupied nearby Korean peninsula in 1910 to gain food. 75% of Korean agriculture was confiscated and immediately exported to Japanese home islands. Japan started Chinese campaign in 1933. China, the land of one million villages, was to become the sour ( Full Answer )

Why did the japanese invade china?

Japan is a resource-poor country. They wanted China's resources. It was the same with Pearl Harbor. At the time, the U.S. was the world's largest oil producer. In response to Japanese outrages in China and elsewhere, the U.S. cut off exports of oil and steel to Japan. That was really an act of war, ( Full Answer )

Why did Japan invade china in 1931?

Answer . Japan needed more living space and raw materials (esp. coal and oil) all of which were in short supply on the Japan homeland

Did China invade Asia?

yes they did ANSWER 2 china invaded Tibet and Tibet is still an occupied country subject to some severe and often brutal attempts at control - china is one of the last of the "old school" communist dictatorships but is trying to enter the modern world - but that "old school" mentality is concern ( Full Answer )

Why did China invade Vietnam?

Answer . China conquered what was called North Vietnam in 111 BCE and ended its control over the Vietnamese in 939 CE.. China invaded Vietnam in 1979 in response to Vietnam's 1978 invasion of Cambodia. Vietnam aligned itself with the Soviet Union during the Sino-Soviet Split and Cambodia under t ( Full Answer )

Why did the Mongols invade China?

the mongols attacked china for a few reasons. he first one is that one of gengis khan wives (or something) got taken by the chinese. the second is the fact that china controlled the silk trade. silk was s luxury to the mongols. and thirdly they wanted to expand their empire

What part of China was invaded by Japan?

■(Part1)The Second Sino-Japanese War was a conflict caused by China. Japan was dragged into a war she had not sought. During the war, Japan never made any territorial demands, nor did she make any demands on interests in China. This is made clear from the Funatsu Peace Initiative (Aug. 1937), t ( Full Answer )

How many times has China invade Vietnam?

As far as I know, China once invaded Vietnam during Han Dynasty, the general that led the Chinese army was named Ma Yuan.. In 1979 Chinese army also entered Vietnam.

What region of china did japan invade in 1931?

In 1931, Japan invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria. Locatedin the northeastern portion of China, Manchuria was occupied withinsix months and then renamed as Manchukuo by the Japanese.

Why did Japan want to invade china?

Japan wanted to invade China because China possessed the resourcesthat Japan did not. Japan especially wanted China's coal reservesand labor force.

Has china ever invaded another country?

China has invaded several countries throughout its history.Currently, the invasion of Tibet and the exile of the Dalai Lamacome to mind. In addition, the current size of the country is dueto the imperialism of Chinese Emperors who conquered EastTurkestan, Tibet, Mongolia, Manchuria, Vietnam and Kore ( Full Answer )

How did the manchu invaders affect china?

The Manchus conquered the Chinese empire and established the Qingdynasty in 1644. The Manchu's included people from Jurchen,Mongolian, Han Chinese and Korean descent who lived in thenortheast as barbarians. The Qing dynasty brought about a lot ofchanges in China, but for the most part these changes ( Full Answer )

Why is china invading tibet?

China claims that Tibet has been part of China since the 13th century. Some Tibetan exiles disagree, but since China has all the power, they do as they please.

What would happen if China invaded Taiwan?

Obviously war with Taiwan itself, but then also with countries which would seek to defend Taiwan. The US Government has indicated it would do this.

How many times has Britain invaded China?

the 2 Anglo Chinese war -->treaty ystem, trade ports....etc the scramble for concessions It was not about how many times... but how long..... Actually, Britain had invaded China for at least a hundred years The imperialism Would the west psychologically feel better if we consider the r ( Full Answer )

What region of China was invaded by Japan?

■(Part1)The Second Sino-Japanese War was a conflict caused by China. Japan was dragged into a war she had not sought. During the war, Japan never made any territorial demands, nor did she make any demands on interests in China. This is made clear from the Funatsu Peace Initiative (Aug. 1937), t ( Full Answer )

Why did japan invade china in the 1930s?

Japan invaded China because it wanted to expand its territory andbecome a great power. Japan also needed the natural resources thatChina possessed.

Did Attila the Hun ever invade china?

Atilla himself did not invade China but the Huns in the 3rd century C.E., two centuries before Atilla was born, did. It was led by Mao-tun , the first leader of the Huns.

When does China invades Tibet?

This is the official answer I found in "In September 1949, Communist China, without any provocation, invaded Eastern Tibet and captured Chamdo, the headquarters of the Governor of Eastern Tibet.". However, I doubet on it. It is really "funny" that Ch ( Full Answer )

Why did Mongols invade China?

ell any time some one has controle of all power in any country they need some kind of national objective to keep there people so occupyed that they wont have time to rebell.they either say the have an enimy thats read to invade them and they need a strong leader to keep them away or they them selves ( Full Answer )

Did the wall of china stop invaders?

the great wall of china could have protected china if china had unified and strong army guarding the country's border which was wall from the very top and be prepared all the top to throw big and heavy stones and also pour extremely hot water on any body who tried to climb the wall or destroy it

What did the US do after Japan invaded Manchuria and China?

The invasions of Manchuria and the Sino-Japanese War occurred six years apart. The United States did close to nothing when the Japanese invaded Manchuria. However, during the Sino-Japanese War, Japanese atrocities in China turned American opinion pro-Chinese and the United States sent both military ( Full Answer )

What country invaded China in 1938?

Japan invaded China in 1937. The Japanese fought against the Chinese until the Second World War ended in 1945. The Chinese do not call it World War 2. The Chinese were only fighting the Japanese during this period, so the Chinese people call it "The War Against Japanese Aggression". It is also refer ( Full Answer )

What happend after Japan invaded china?

The Japanese invasion of China led to countless atrocities andinnocent lives lost. This was especially true in Shanghai, as wellas in other leading cities in China. The invasion also promptedseveral foreign nationals to return to their native countries.While the Japanese blockaded several ports, the ( Full Answer )

What happened when japan invaded china in 1937?

The Japanese army attacked Nanking, China and this led to the deathof 300,000 civilians. The carnage took six weeks, and is commonlyreferred to as â??The Rape of Nankingâ??. The leader of the attackcreated his new capital at Chongqing.

Why was China never invaded?

Actually, China has been invaded several times. The Mongols under Genghis Khan and later Kubai Khan invaded China in the 1200s eventually annexing all of China and it's various dynasties in 1279 A.D. The Mongolian empire lasted for several hundrend years. Another country that invaded China was the ( Full Answer )

Why wasn't ancient China ever invaded?

In the time of Ancient China, there were no powers to overthrow it. That simple. Japan was its own country, and did not feel the need to cause war. Remember; like today, China was huge, powerful, and had a real army (for that time period). I'm sure many tried to invade China, but their attempts we ( Full Answer )

When did china invade manchuria?

China didn't invade Manchuria. The Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931. China went to the League of Nations about it.

Why did McArthur invade China?

Korean War 1950-1953 He did not, nor did the US military. He discussed the possibility as a way to prevent Chinese & Russian help to the North Koreans.

Who constantly invaded China from the north?

Japan invaded China from the North in World War II. Russia invaded China from the North during the Colonial era. The Jin Dynasty (founded by the Jurchen people), the Yuan Dynasty (founded by the Mongols), and the Qing Dynasty (founded by the Manchus) were all founded by invaders from the north.

What was Japan's reason for invading China in 1937?

Incorrect first answer: they didn't want to invade china but they wanted to invade Mongolia because of the poor population of Mongolia at the time. at the time Mongolian population was little bit over 700,000 and when they invaded Mongolia Mongolians hold them for long time good because of the Rus ( Full Answer )

How many times did the mongols invade china?

The Mongol invasion of China lasted over 6 decades and particularly involved the defeat of the Jin Dynasty, Western Xia, the Dali Kingdom , and the Southern Song, which finally fell in year 1276. The Mongols under Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty in China and crushed the last Song resistan ( Full Answer )

Will China invade America?

china will and can invade the america but they arent that strong well probably destroy them

What happened after china invaded Korea?

Sino-Corean War [Goguryeo-Sui War] (598-614) -The Sui dynasty of China invaded the Korean kingdom Goguryeo with a supposed force of over a million soldiers. This resulted in a tremendous Goguryeo victory and the destruction of the Chinese Sui dynasty.

Do the Huns and Mongolians still Invade china?

No. Recently the word hun was used to describe germans during the two world wars. The Mongolia is actively involved in UN missions, and has positive relations with China. China has the 6th largest land army on earth, and also has nuclear arms, it would be foolish for any country, let alone Mongolia, ( Full Answer )

What country is not invaded?

The USA, Britain, Canada, South Africa, Australia were all not invaded in World War Two of the combatants.