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1993 came equipped with R-12. Sorry, but that kind of refrigerant is VERY expensive, and you cannot buy it without a licence. If the system has not already been converted to R-134a, then you may want to consider it. You can go to a parts store, and ask the parts counter person to help you figure out what parts you need and how to do it. If you do get some R-12, try it--it's pretty easy--buy a bottle that has a pressure indicator on it, and insert its nozzle into one of the refrigerant valves, under the hood, that sticks up (they're usually silver-colored--check your car's manual, or online info sources, for exact location). Follow the instructions that come with the canister of refrigerant. If you don't know whether anything else is wrong with your car's air conditioning, this is the first thing to try, but be aware that often this won't fix the problem, as the problem may be elsewhere. One cause is sometimes a stuck air blend door, which you might be able to get to by removing the glove compartment (instructions are to be found on the internet--otherwise, you'd have to remove the entire dashboard), but one way to test whether the blend door is stuck, is to listen for its motor humming as you move the hot-to-cold dial back and forth between hot and cold. If you hear the motor humming when you do this, and no clicking (caused by a stuck blend door), the motor is probably OK, but the blend door may have broken loose from the blend door motor. Getting inside and taking a look will tell you what's happening with these parts.

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Q: The ac in your 1993 Taurus doesnt blow out cold air does it need freon or soom kind of compressent and how do you do that?
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