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The car sometimes drives like it is in neutral?


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Check the transmission fluid level. If it's up, check if it's burned. Burned transmission fluid will look darker and smell burned as well. If it's burned, the clutches are worn out.


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The neutral safety switch prevents you from cranking the car in any other gear than park or neutral. Sometimes this will fail and you will have to manualy flip the switch. also there is a possibility that the car will only start in park and never start if it is in Netural.

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THe transmission selector is worn, so the need to start it in the neutral position, which still has a workable contact switch, while the park position is worn out. like the other guy said, also you might have to adjust your shift linkage

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If the car will start in neutral but not in park then you may have a bad transmission safety switch. That switch confirms that the car is in neutral or park before it allows the 'start' signal from the key switch to reach the solenoid.

You don't have to be able to start a car to put it into neutral. Put the key in, turn it to on, then the shifter will be unlocked and you can move it to neutral.

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