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the horn circuit works off a ground IT could b a Bad ground instead of a 12 volt problem. Simply inspect ALL the fuses: some books are wrong, and sometimes even the diagram on the fuse cover is incorrect. There is a good chance that all the fuse are fine, a comon cause for those symptoms is whats called the "clock spring, or sliding contacts" it is located under the center of the steering wheel...FIRST YOU MUST DICSONNECT THE BATTERY FOR 5 MIN!!! ORTHERWISE YOUR AIRBAG COULD DEPLOY!!!you do not need to remove the steering wheel to gain access to it, simply remove the two bolts on the back of the steering wheel and disconnect the hardware. This a free "recall" item on some Chrysler products; might be with Ford also. Check with a dealer. Check under the hood or dash for a horn relay,all horns use a relay!

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Where is the ignition control module on a 1994 aerostar?

The 1994 Ford Aerostar ignition control module is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The ignition control module will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

What program has control of an x86 computer when the user is able to choose which operating system to boot?

At this stage, the BIOS still has primary control of the computer. It has loaded a program known as a "bootloader", which loads the operating system kernel (or another bootloader) and hands control over to it.

How can an operating system to control a network?


The air temperature on my 1995 Ford Aerostar van is stuck on hot what do you do?

The 1995 Aerostar control for the heat uses cables to move the control valves. Start by checking to see that the temperature sliding control is moving properly, and the cable is adjusting the valve for the coolant flow.

What is appature sciences?

a company from the games portal 1 and 2 which is controlled by an out of control self operating computer glados .the companys sole perpuse is to test the highly experimental portal gun which allows you to shoot a portal one place and connect to another one somewhere else

Define how operating system is a control program?

operating system is a control program as it allow multiple task to performed on same window.

What does an operating system control?

The hardware of a computer.

Does an operating system control a computer?


Why is the Operating System important?

to control the system

How does the operating system control hardware?


What is control programs in operating system?


What is the heart of operating system and control and control the moist critical processes?


Are heart muscles under your control?

No, they are involuntary muscles, and will keep operating with out our control.

Info from one computer to another computer?

if they both have the same operating system you can connect them through a wired or wireless connection through the control panel's network settings if they both have the same operating system you can connect them through a wired or wireless connection through the control panel's network settings if they both have the same operating system you can connect them through a wired or wireless connection through the control panel's network settings

Voltage diagram to emission solenoid ford aerostar?

P1443 code evap emissions control malfuction no voltage at solenoid.

What operating systems used to control and coordinate computers that are linked together?

NOS (Network Operating System)

What is the name of the operating systemthat was used to control the first apple computer?

Based on the Unix Operating System.

How does an operating system take control over a computer system?

The operating system is always in control of a computer system. When the hardware loads the software -- boots up -- the software is the operating system. The operating system manages all program access to all hardware in the computer system.

Why is the cruise control stop working on 1995 aerostar all fuses where checked and found ok?

You have an broken wire in the clock spring.

What allows users to communicate and control their computers?

The Operating system

The two aspects of an effective operating system are design and?


Does a user account have full control of its operating system?


What does ACPI used to control power management?

operating system.

What are the programs that control a computer called?

The operating system (OS).

What if my traction control system in my highlander stays on and beeps?

It is a warning that the skid control system is not operating, or not operating properly, and may become dangerous in slippery weather if the brakes are sharply applied.