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The location of the fuel pump on a 93 cutlass ciera?



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My friend, It's located in the fuel tank, which means you'll probably have to drop the tank to access the sending unit and fuel pump which also means getting it as empty as possible and probably replacing the holding straps(age of car probably rusted), you may also need special fuel line tool to disconnect pressurized fuel line from tank in order to drop it. There will be(probably on top of tank) approxinmately 3 1/2" access port that fuel lines protrude from that has a locking ring to seal top of sending unit(this ring can be removed by gently tapping it to rotate it to the point(s) that it can be removed. After the steel ring is removed, the sending unit may be pulled from the tank, and the fuel pump is mounted to the sending unit along with the fuel level sending unit and the fuel sock. Hope this helps, and sorry the job isn't any easier.