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The right side of your 1998 f150 4x4 squeeks loudly when going over a bump or anything like that you replaced the control arm and all bushings upper and lower?


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2006-02-25 17:33:07
2006-02-25 17:33:07

Lube your sway bar bushings using brake fluid or a silicone. These are many times the cause.


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If your going over bumps and it squeeks first check for worn out bushings, that is most common cause as bushings wear out there is more metal on metal contact. look for anything that may have come a little loose (shocks , bolts etc... ) that could also cause it if your driving on smooth pavement and it squeeks faster as you go faster you have bad U-joints get them replaced soon or they will fall apart and leave you stranded

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Something is out of balance or possibly a wheel bearing.

The shaft that runs to the motor has got debree, dust etc. on it, and can be fixed with a little lubicant, however it will squeak again. I just replaced my blower motor. It is about a $70 replacement. It is about a 30 minute job.

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Hey Greg==Need a bunch more information. What kind of car, what engine and where the squeeks seem to come from and when does it squeek. It is just too general to try to diagnoise.GoodluckJoe answer squeeking is most likely to be caused by dry bushings in your suspesion also dry rubber mounts on shck absorbers, and dirt on shock absorber shaft try spraying wd40 into all the rubber bushings etc that you can see. might try giving car a complete lube job,as dry balljoints etc will squeek

How old (what year) is the CR-V? This might give some clue as to what components are starting to require maintenance or are wearing out. Is the noise coming from front or rear? Noisy in what way? Squeeks - possibly needs lubrication. 'Clunking' noises - could indicate a loose or broken shock or strut -OR- possibly ball joints or suspension bushings need replacing.

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There are several lights behind the dashboard. When some of them burn out you will get some spots that are brighter and some that are quite dim. Replacing the dash bulbs is an annoying process. It usually involves disassembling the dashboard and usually results in rattles or squeeks.

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The vehicle may have some worn steering and suspension parts or it may simply need lubrication.

You can, but you will probably have squeeks after you are done from the two floors rubbing against each other.

HeyKen==If the squeek is at the steering wheel, it can be the horn comtact. If it squeeks underneath the car, it is the turn stops on the front wheeels. GoodluckJoe

The low brake indicators on the brake pads are squealing. I highly recommend you have the brakes checked out.

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Check the pipe inside the U part of the axle housing itself. They like to break out by the edges.

If it goes away, then it's probably the air compressor going bad and tying up. check the tension pulley and the serpentine belt.

brakes squeeks can be caused by dust and dirt on the brakes, but usually on a chev, this is caused by the brake pads,with the removal of asbestos and the adding of more metal to compensate, chev brakes are renowned for this problem

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Check the squealers (breaks), wheel bearings (inner/outer at the hub), check the fanbelt (sound could be isolated to one side and your just hearing it that way)

I also had a squeak in my left front wheel. I just now returned from my Mazda dealer Thursday 3/29/07 . They said that they had received a notice from Mazda about this problem. They installed a caliper pad set and a plate disc. They also replaced front pads and rotors at no cost to me. It was under warranty. My car is a Mazda 6, 2005 with 25008 miles. I have never placed an answer to this site. I hope that I did it correctly.

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