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Three countries share this word as part of their names?


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UNITED;- United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates.

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All countries are unique, but I suppose that you could argue that North Korea and South Korea do share part of their names, so would be among the few that would have a lesser degree of uniqueness.

There are actually three countries: USA, Canada, and Mexico.

What three tejanos took part in the fight for Texas independence

No. They are separate countries in Europe. They do not even share a border. Their flags are similar, but they are different.

England is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The three countries that share the island are England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is part of the union but it is situated in the northern part of Ireland, itself an island to the west of Britain.

You mean geographically? All three are part of a greater subcontinent known as North America. Also the three are part of a trade agreement known as NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and are close trade and business partners. Besides that, all three are part of the so-called western culture, and share some common history but nothing more.

Norway and Sweden, and part of Finland.

There are three other countries which are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There were three countries North Korea , South Korea and Japan.

The Nordic countries and Switzerland share similar morals such as views on neutrality. Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland are more closely related because Sweden and Finland are a part of the EU while the other three are a part of their own organization. However, Iceland is an official candidate for admission to the EU, and Norway has put their bid in a few times.

the middle ear they also have there names as HAM

Antarctica is not a possession of any country on earth, although several countries have made claims to pie-shaped slices of the continent.

Both the names and the number of Magi or Wise Men is not found in Scripture. It is part of the traditions of men.

The 4 countries of the Central Powers were Germany, Italy, Austria, and Hungary (but note that at the time, Austria and Hungary were part of what was known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire).

Borneo has Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia on it.

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