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Timing procedure 95 ford contour?


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2012-08-17 19:17:54
2012-08-17 19:17:54

I don't have a Contour, but if it has a distributor, then you use a timing light and simply twist the distributor cap to change the timing. If it has coil packs, then it's all done electronically, and you can't adjust it. If your timing is still off, you have a sensor somewhere feeding the ECU bad info.


All of the Contour engines' ignition timing is controlled by the computer, and is not adjustable. If there were any sort of problem in this area, the computer would turn on the "Check Engine" light and store an error code.


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Yes, there's a special tool that is inserted into the crankshaft during this procedure. See If he forgot to remove the tool before he started the engine, it will do damage to the crankshaft.

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