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According to the Chilton manual: First pass: 22 Ft. lbs. Second pass: 37 Ft. lbs. Third pass: All bolts an additional 90 degrees The recommended pattern is: Intake Side 8 4 1 5 9 7 3 2 6 10 Exhaust Side Good Luck

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Q: Tork specification on head bolts 1.9 SL2?
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What are the tork specifications on a 1994 Saturn SL2 19 liter headgasket?

visit your local parts place and have a look in the manual.

How do you change valve cover 1996 Saturn sl2?

First you loosen 11 Bolts with a 10mm socket,after you take out the sparkplug boots,Gently pry up cover with a flat head screwdriver,your done!

What grade of oil 1998 Saturn sl2 twin over head cam?


How do you change head on motor for 93' Saturn Sl2?

Get a service manual. Removal of the timing chain cover and head is needed first.

How do you replace the PCV valve on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

The PVC valve is not held in by any nuts or bolts. Just pull on it to remove it.

Where is cam position sensor for 1999 Saturn SL2?

CPS is located above the starter on the back side of the engine held in with a 10mm bolts.

Where is the EGR valve on your 2000 Saturn sl2?

On the back of the head, just above the transmission bell housing,

How do you repair the power door lock on the passenger side that won't open from the inside on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

You have too remove the outside door skin, there are torx head bolts all the way around the inside of the door. Once its removed you will be able to see the lock solenoid.

What parts do you swap from 97 sl2 engine to a 95 sl2?

The only hard part is the EGR valve assembly. The head on the newer Saturn is slightly different, making it necessary to find a work-around for the EGR valve.

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1996 Saturn SL2?

The sensor is threaded into the coolant passage in the back of the cylinder head.

How do you replace an EGR on a Saturn sl2?

Depending on the year, the EGR valve is easily removed by removing the electrical connector and the bolts. Looking down at the engine from in front of the vehicle, the EGR valve is connected to the right side of the head, just above the transmission bell housing.

What else could cause head gasket to fail in 1996 Saturn SL2 other than history of low coolant?

overheating is #1 answer for blown head gaskets!

Where is the starter in a 1992 SL2?

The starter is right in front on the SL2.

Where can I get a service manuel for my Saturn SL2?

1993 Saturn sl2

What is the torque specs for a 2002 Saturn head?

22 foot lbs first pass 37 plus 90 degrees second pass new bolts are required this is for a 2002 sl1 sl2 same good luck

Can you use a 96 Saturn sl2 motor in a 99 sl2?


Where is the expansion valve for the ac on a 1994 SL2?

Nevermind, I found it. In case someone else needs to know, the expansion valve is located behind the engine and bolts right to the firewall. There are 2 lines going into it that have to be unbolted, and 2 bolts holding the valve to the firewall.

How do you remove the bolts from a 1998 Saturn sl2 1.9L of the head gasket?

First you have to get to the Serpentine belt side of the engine, that typically means removing the passenger side motor mount. Remove whatever is in the way; Any coolant hoses that are blocking access, Radiator fan, AC compressor (don't disconnect the hoses, just unbolt it then lift it to the side. Once you have easy access, remove the upper head cover, spark plugs/wires (mark them so you'll know where they go when you're putting it back together). In times past it was called the rocker cover, but now there are no rockers, it's just the two camshafts in a Saturn SL2. Once you get to that point, the head bolts are easily accessible. Remove the exhaust manifold. (that's when it's important to have the radiator fan out of the way) You will also need to remove the front timing cover, and timing components. there is a procedure for removing the timing chain so that you dont damage the valves inside the cylinder head. also, some late model 98 DOHC engines use a different cylinder head setup, and you will have to remove the camshafts in order to gain access to the head bolts. there is a sequence in removing the head bolts so that you dont warp the cylinder head. same for installation. You can disconnect the down pipe from the exhaust manifold, and leave the radiator in place. the body has enough clearance to remove the cylinder head with both the intake and exhaust manifold in place.

Where would coolant leak into oil in 1998 Saturn SL2?

most likely a blown head gasket, cracked head, or bad intake gasket. with the s series. i would venture to say blown head gasket.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Saturn SL2?

follow the 2 water hoses off your radiator. one will lead to a housing containing the thermostat. usually has 2-3 bolts.

What is the coolant capacity for a Saturn sl2?

7 quarts of coolant will fill your sl2

Does a 2002 Saturn sl2 have a timing chain or belt?

The DOHC SL2 has a timing chain.

What is the yellow dipstick on a 1997 Saturn sl2?

ON my 1999 sl2 it is the transmission fluid dipstick

Where is the transmission pan for a 97 Saturn sl2?

do a 99 Saturn sl2 have a transmission pan gasket

How much gas does a 95 sl2 hold?

If I remember correctly, the 95 SL2 has a 12.8 gallon tank.