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I used to have a little trick. Before you start the car, just pump your gas pedal a couple of times, then start your car. Mine used to start right up after this. I'm not sure why my car wouldn't start when cold, but it got me around!

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โˆ™ 2006-07-27 21:54:09
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Q: Trouble starting in morning Engine cranks well but seems to flood before it can start Cranking second or third time will get it started but misses very bad Rev to 3000 rpm for a little while will clea?
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Your car has trouble starting when it is cold It will crank but you have to pump the gas to get it to start After it has been running it does fine and can be started with no problems?

It would help to know what year and model you have but if it is fuel injected try replacing the engine coolant sensor.

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