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May have just failed and need to be replaced.Also,fitting none vauxhall radio/stereo can cause failure due to incompatibility. Try this==on later models display can sometimes be reset by removing fuse #24 for 5 seconds then refitting,this will entail re-entering the radio code,may work for you?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-19 12:03:24
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Q: Vectra n reg multi info dislay clock radio dislay does not work liteup any ideas how to fix?
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there a little box on the back of your alternator called a regulator it needs replacing get it from your local scrappy

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Maybe air control flap motor burned out.

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check alternator

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Yes i have a steering problem with a SRI V6 Vectra that is on 1999V. Its a strange issue where the tracing changes on its own. If you go around a left turn quite hard the steering will be straight. If you go around a right turn sharp then the steering will be half a turn out. When the steering is out the car still drives fine with no wobbles and doesnt pull anywhere. Have all the track rod ends etc checked, seems ok! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Jay

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Camshaft Sensor fault... goes in to limp mode won't rev more than 4,5000 rpm Change sensor but make sur it is a genuine Seimans sensor

If after a short time your battery light comes on and all your instruments go off but if you rev it they come back on its a Vectra sri 1997 p its got a new battery and alternator any ideas?

That new alternator may be at fault. Have the charging system tested at your local auto parts store.

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bad electrical connection.some where.

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